OPI Alice In Wonderland Nail Polish Brights 2016 Collection

We all remember the classic but slightly twisted tale of Alice in Wonderland, well with the sequel, Alice through the Looking Glass, being released in cinemas OPI have specially created these 8 gorgeous shades to celebrate the Tim Burton release. In this stunning collection they have released a wide range from the soft pearlescent “Oh my majesty!” to the dark plum almost vampy “What’s the hatter with you?”. Within this range everyone will definitely be able to join the mad hatters tea party with the perfect shade for them.

“Oh My Majesty”
A gorgeous very baby pink with a red pearlescent glow to it, so when this colour catches the light you see a whole new side to this shade. It really is an intriguing colour and very unique, I think it is so pretty and could even be used on top of other colours to give them a subtle pearly appearance. 2 coats will give you a nice even colour but you could go up to 3 to maybe give a pure block colour.

oh my majesty

“I’m gown for anything”
The lilac and lavender hues in this pastel shade is absolutely magical. It is a lovely lilac colour, and will be perfect for the coming spring and summer. This is definitely an all round colour and would look good on all skin tones. To get the even colour I would definitely recommend 2/3 coats to make it fully opaque.

im gown for anything

“The I’s have it”
This shade is very different as it appears pastel in the bottle but once you layer it up on the nails you get a gorgeous pastel blue with bright hues making it almost appear cornflower blue. It is very reminiscent of Alice’s dress and takes you to the world before she fell down the rabbit hole.

the i's have it

“A Mirror Escape”
So we have the glitter of the collection, this is probably one of the most interesting glitters I have tried. It is full of fine gold glitter with chunkier silver glitter dispersed throughout. It gives the polish a very interesting texture. If you want it as just a topper then I would say stick to one coat but if you want it as your full colour then go with 2 or 3 coats.

a mirror escape

“Fearlessly Alice”
This is a brilliant blue that is not for the feint hearted. It definitely is the transition in the collection from before she falls down the rabbit hole and after. It reminds me of a mad hatter tea party shade along with the next three shades.

fearlessly alice

“Mad for Madness Sake”
This hot almost barbie pink is very vibrant and it is definitely reminiscent of the Mad Hatters ribbon on his hat and Alice’s head dress. It ties in perfectly and is definitely the pop of colour we need for the summer and make us all feel apart of this wonderful world.

mad for madness sake

“Having a Big Head Day”
A perfect red. An essential in everyones collections. Almost a mix of the Hatters and the Queens hair. It comes out so perfectly on anyone’s nails. Definitely a must have and the formula that OPI keeps perfect, it isn’t streaky and comes out as perfect opaque red with 2 coa

having a big head day

“What’s the Hatter with You?”
We come to the deepest shade. A dark plum almost vampy. It is gorgeous and definitely fits the dark twisted parts of the film. It is gorgeous and fits well into this collection. and makes the collection vary well. It’s the cherry on top of the cake, so to speak.

whats the hatter with you

This collection is gorgeous all of the shades are highly pigmented and high quality. I wouldn’t expect anything else from OPI as they consistently produce perfect quality, on trend shades. I feel this collection mirrors the film perfectly from the airy fairy start so with the shade “Oh my Majesty!” to the alternative, warped end with “What’s the Hatter with You?”.

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OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection 2016
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