Autumn Nails & Fashion Week 2018

Do you always find yourself staring blankly at the wall of nail polish in your go-to salon? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Everybody likes choices, but it doesn’t help when the number just keeps growing & growing – especially when popular nail brands keep throwing seasonal collections into the mix. Allow us to help you save some time. Whether you prefer to stick to neutrals or you’re a fan of everything bold, autumn’s trendiest lacquers include colours everyone will dig. After speaking to the experts & looking closely at the 2018 runways, we’ve rounded up the colours you’re going to see everywhere – and we mean absolutely everywhere.

Here they are, the ones to keep you & your nails in rotation for the remaining months of 2018.

As our long summer nights become shorter, everything about the autumn is centred on darker tones and more layers. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Keeping up with the latest tends will be the difference that sets you apart from the rest. If you haven’t heard already heard, chipped nails are causing a storm, due to one of the most recent Fashion Week catwalks. Walking around with chipped nail polish is hardly a new phenomenon, we have to admit that ours often look like they’ve been splatter-painted instead of professionally manicured – but in what just might be the best beauty news of all time, the look is officially on-trend. YES!

New York Fashion Week models completely ruled the runway with nails that were purposely chipped and made them look surprisingly fabulous. “A lot of women have this experience, when.. their nails are chipped, and they don’t have time to fix, so we painted chipped nails for this look,” celebrity nail artist Jin Soon told Teen Vogue backstage. “I call it ‘fashionably-chipped nails.” Jin used either green, yellow or red lacquer on each model, and gave them each one chipped glitter accent nail. But how do you get the look?

Start by covering each nail with a clear base coat. Then, using the brush from the polish bottle, dab paint on the nail starting from the center of the nail. Work the paint outward, using a combination of short and long strokes to create the funky, uneven shape. Ensure that you leave the outer edges of your nail natural to create the appearance of a chip, then coat the whole thing with your trust-worthy top coat. “The key point is top coat,” Jin said. “Top coat seals and looks fresh. So it’s more artistic, like a painting.” Honestly we couldn’t agree more. Or of course, you could also just leave your regular manicure on for a few days too long, which c’mon we are all guilty of.

From the modern french manicure and mirrored, chrome finishes, to negative space nails & OTT embellished talons, there’s a lot that has been going down at Fashion Week that has been taking place at the heart of New York, London and Paris. If you’re always looking for what’s new & next, then you will also know that CND play a key role at London Fashion Week, creating nails for eccentric London-based designers. And it just so happens that we’re official partners with them, which means that you can discover the world of CND on our website.

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