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Barefoot! Zoya’s brand new 2019 spring collection that has brought us a handful of polishes perfect for the summer. From bright, Bold, and an outburst of shimmer to simple nudes, plus a new top coat to add a bit of glam and sparkle to any shade. This collection has thought about everyone! Overall BareFoot consist of twelve shades in total, all completely different in nearly every way, which is perfect because you have a polish for every month to rock and change-up your look. So we are going to go through three shades from this collection just to give you an overall idea. Let us know what you think, and check out the rest of these gorgeous colours, they are a must have we can assure you! Oh… and did we mention all these polishes are Cruelty free and Vegan, we can’t fault it, so lets dig in! If you want to see our thoughts and swatches from this collection make sure you check out our NPD YouTube channel and take a look up close and personal.

You can’t really get a shade that just screams summer like a yellow can you! “Bee” from the new Barefoot collection is stunning light pastel yellow with an overall honey coated finish to give it that extra shine. This uplifting shade is really one you can work with to get the finish you wish, keep it pale and light just for that slight tint with one coat, or build it up with up to three coats for a bright finish full of warm undertones in a creamy rich formula. So, like us and you are counting down the days till it’s officially summer this polish will help you do that with it’s bright tones perfect to bring out any summer tan and make you feel that bit more girly. Step out your comfort zone this season and check out Bee, before it’s gone!

“Dallas” One of the polishes that really stands out to us the most at NPD, it’s different but so versatile. This gorgeous polish is a clear base filled with white, silver and blue glitters running through out. This topper can be added to any polish from the barefoot collection to change-up your look completely. Go from a simple nude in the week, and top it with “Dallas” on the weekend for that eye-catching glam overall feel to get everyone’s attention. Or just wear it on its own for a light build able shine on your natural nails, when you just cant bare a naked nail. It works any way you want, it’s the perfect summer essential this season to add some dimension to your life. Work it and let us know how you wear this shade, because there’s no rules.

Don’t worry we had to include one bright nail! “Robbie” is best described as a stunning pink with red undertones shade full of gold and silver flecks to give it that summer festival feel. This polish can be worn light and delicate with one coat, or build it up with up to three for a full overall coverage and a gorgeous pink shimmering nail, pair with a simple outfit number and let you nails do the talking with this shade. Trust us it will catch anyone and everyone’s attention. We can’t lie.. We are obsessed with this shade especially to wear during the warmer days, not only will your mood be lifted but your nails will too. So treat yourself and grab “Robbie”.



Cuccio’s new collection “Heatwave” is the collection for you if you want the perfect bold, bright shades designed for the summer months. This stunning collection has eight hot shades, from cool teal blues, punchy pinks, limes, and dusty yellows. It’s all you need on your nails this summer to keep you feeling bright and uplifted, so don’t wait any longer get your nails ready for summer early with this collection. And don’t forget not only are these gorgeous shades in a lacquer but they are also in gel formula, so you can keep a chip free perfect manicure on for up to three weeks. That’s one less thing to worry about on your holidays, so relax and dive into this new must have collection. If you want to see our thoughts and swatches from this collection make sure you check out our NPD YouTube channel and take a look up close and personal.
Aquaholic Is a stunning cool teal blue shade with an amazing durability high gloss shine finish. This true to colour shade really just shows it’s pigment through the bottle, with two coats you will have that high coverage shade with no streaks for that flawless overall look, no to mention its bright tones will catch everyone’s attention. Choose from polish or gel it’s up to you, least you know with both you will have beautiful nails that match your vacation sea, if that’s not a summer shade we don’t know what it. So take a look, try it out and let us know what you thought bu before you do, look at our swatch of this exact shade on our channel.
“Mercury Rising” Is a chilled medium tone purple that will give your nails that full bright coverage with just two coats. Like all these polishes from this collection, “Mercury” is a high shine formula that leaves your nails with stunning shine finish overall, whether that’s with the Gel or Polish version, they will both give you a stunning glossy manicure. So want a punchy purple this season, choose from a light medium tones shade to a bright deep one both in this collection, both perfect for that splash of colour you need sometimes.
Looking for the perfect summer pink ?“Paradise Found” could be the one! A stunning pastel coral pink, with triple pigmentation technology and extended wear an extended wear formula, the perfect polish for those summer activities in the sun, when you want to be bright and bold but want to avoid chipping and peeling. So there is no more excuses for a colorless nail when it comes to Cuccio’s new collection. Splash out and let us know what you think this summer.We hope you love our new collection shades just as much as we are. Tag us in your new go to colour so we can get nail envy. Enjoy your Holidays,

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