Acrylic Nail Extension Removal

Remove your Acrylic Extensions with our simple easy steps



We all know summer is coming, which means it’s important to always feel your best even when it comes to your nails. So when your nails are over grown and need taking off, it can stop you. But don’t worry, we have put together a set of simple steps, along with all the products you will need to remove them from your own home, for less, in your own time. So save your money put it towards your holiday, and just simply take them off at home. Just head over to our YouTube channel and watch our new Acrylic Nail Removal video for the full ins and outs when it comes to what you will need and what to do. However to cut it short for you, we want to show you some of the products we have used to do this process to make it as easy as possible and more importantly safe for your natural nails, so you are not damaging them. So read through, and let us know what you think.

Don’t worry we know the struggles… you have these stunning nail extensions that just make you feel that bit more girly and confident. But as soon as the month ends, we have to find the time and the money to get them taken off. But it’s so simple you can remove them with our hep from your own home, without damaging your natural nail, without over spending and without entering your holiday fund. Because we can do anything if we put our mind to it, inducing taking off our own extensions. With as little as seven products all at NPD, from Acetone, Tip Cutters, Manicure Bowl, Nail File, Cuticle Pusher, Polish and Treatment Oil you can do it. But to make it even more easy for you, we are going to show you some the exact products we used in our YouTube video so you can go straight over to our website and pick you the products you need there and then, it’s that simple.

Nail Remover

It’s important when you’re removing your extensions to use a nail remover containing Acetone to break it down as much as possible. So to do this we used the Gelish “Nail Remover”, a salon quality product designed to remove acrylics and gel polish in a safe simple way, without drying out your skin or natural nails and leaving them healthy and conditioned. Just pour a reasonable amount into your manicure bowl and soak your nails in it for around 10 minutes. Thia will allow the acrylic to break down before filing. Another way of doing this if you do not have a manicure bowl, is soaking cotton pads in the same acetone and wrapping in foil to let your nails break down that way, it is completely up to you. This reusable product is available in three different sizes starting from £9.95. It’s a win win.

Tip Cutters

Cutting down your extensions at the start of this process is really helpful, it not only makes things a lot easier for you as it means less of the nail will need to be broken down in the Acetone, but it is  so easy and simple to use. During this we used the “Tip Cutters” by All That Jazz, this products ensures a sharp and precise result, designed to break down a strong acrylic so you don’t have to deal with any struggles like not being able to trim them down. However if we would like to see our own way of doing this before trying it yourself then head over to our YouTube channel, don’t worry it is not as scary as it looks we promise.

Halo Nail file

Having the right Nail file during removing your extensions is really important, and picking which one is best for this process can we confusing. So we wanted to show you what we used and what you might find very useful. Halo’s “Elite Moon Nail Foam Files” are top quality files, designed with a half-moon shape which helps you to get into all the difficult small places on your nails. Along with a straight edge for working on the side walls, it is perfectly made to work with your nails as much as possible. Available in single packs or groups of five, and in a range of grits, starting from £2.50, these long-lasting files will save you that extra bit of money.During our personalized video we used the Halo single file with an 80/80 Grit, the best grit for fling down a strong artificial nail rather than a natural one. We used this to smooth the top of the nail, gently filing down the acrylic covering the nail. Your aim is to make the acrylic as thin as possible, so this can take multiple times to remove completely. 

We hope this helps you this summer, and saves you that extra money to spend on your holidays or on a new go to shade to add a bit of colour to your nails during the warmer weather. So don’t forget to go over to our channel and view the whole video, and let us know what you think. We know what you’re thinking… You’re going to have to get your nails done every month now, we’ve just made it a lot easier for you. Enjoy.

From the team at NPD x

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