Pamper day just got more exciting

We all have those days where we just want to sit back relax and have a pamper session. Whether it’s before your holiday, a party or just a lazy Sunday, with Spongology you can do just this and it’s so simple. From Cleansing, exfoliation to moisturizing with innovative Spongelle buffers and beautifully scented body washes you can enjoy your new and improved sessions with quality products. So check out our range at Nail Polish Direct today.

Spongelle Body Wash Wild Flower Infused Buffer

Bulgarian Rose

 Spongelle Buffers offer a fantastic way to carry nourishing body wash products on the go, making them suitable for anytime, anywhere. With an array of tempting scents, you’re bound to discover a Spongelle buffer you’ll love! The cruelty free body washes are suitable for everyone. Bulgarian Rose is gorgeous hot pink buffer influenced with the finest skincare and rose fragrances. This product will change your whole bathing and cleansing experience completely. It is designed to moisturize and get rid of any dead skin from head to toe to leave you with smooth beautiful skin for over 14 washes. This amazing product is a complete must have to just get rid of unwanted tan, to give your skin a treatment session or even after a long hot holiday. Sometimes our skin can become very dry and textured, but no more with this, you will never look back. Just pop this light handy product in your bag and take it anywhere, your skin will love you for it.

Real simple – ‘This time-released body wash–infused buffer saves precious shower space and effectively exfoliates dry spots. Lasts for 14-plus uses.”


Spongelle Body Wash Infused Contouring Glove 


Fragrances lover? Spongology’s Eco-friendly Body Wash’s are what you need. This versatile glove is naturally formulated to help smooth while exfoliating. It helps to stimulate circulation and smooth areas prone with cellulite as well at the same time. Made with natural ingredient like coffee, sea kelp, essential oils and fragrances like lavender.  This amazing body care product will improve your skin feeling and leave it looking youthful and glowing after one use. But not just this…  it is used to calm your mind as well, with its range of aromatherapy scents it will balance and distress the body and mind leaving you feeling the best you possible. So enjoy.

Allure – “Spongelle’s line of infused body buffers are a body scrubber and a body wash in one, made to exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time. Each scent helps you channel all the best parts of your sign during your morning or evening cleansing routine, for a meditative, calming experience that helps center yourself and just smells really nice, too.”

Pamper day is now a must every week down to Spongelle, so treat your mind, skin and body and take a look at some of the amazing products we stock at NPD when it comes to body care. Having beautiful soft hydrated skin is no longer just a dream this summer. We can promise!

“Spongelle products will always offer the most effective technology, the finest ingredients, and essential touch of luxury.”

From the NPD team x

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