OPI Scotland 2019 Collection

Autumn shades have landed!

OPI has introduced their new Scotland Collection to us all this July, and it’s brought a handful of stunning stylish Autumn inspired colours with it. So there is no excuse this year when it comes to being behind on purchasing your new go to winter shades, because this collection has landed early with a bang. Not only has this new collection given us an amazing amount of  bright, natural and shimmer shades but it has come in two different formulas as well, so there really is something for everyone.

Regular Nail Polish

This new OPI Collection, has come out with twelve complete must have autumn as well as Scotland’s finest inspired colours. These polishes are worn to dry fast making it easy for you to complete a full two coat Manicure before attending your event, all within just two minutes. This extended wear polish is a great value for money, leaving you with that salon quality nail look that will finish with a long lasting chip free manicure that everyone wants.

Infinite Shine

Not only has this collection brought us classic nail polish in it’s amazing OPI formula, but in the Infinite Shine line as well, with the same gorgeous shades with some shimmers. This really is the winter collection for the glossy nail lovers out there. From deep dark reds to a gorgeous blue full of silver ascents. Not only is there a shade for everyone to fall in love with, but this polish drys just as fast as there regular polishes, as well as lasting as long. So rock that chip free glossy nail this winter and everyone will be in envy of.

 “A wee bit of copper kissed orange” This gorgeous shade is just one of the colours in this new collection, to give you a little sneak peek to what kinds of colours are involved. If this shade doesn’t scream autumn and Scotland we don’t know what does. A deep vibrant orange to give you hot eye catching manicure but at the same time it gives you a warm only feel with its winter undertones.


“Have a fling with OPI’S hottest new (Red) head” This stunning shade is a bright deep red, both in the normal polish and the infinity shine, it gives you a overall classy looking manicure. With just two coats this shade will give a full coverage finish, just gloss it up or keep it Matt. It’s your choice


“No peeking! Focus on the real jewel.” This shade gives us everything, a bit of red, a bit of pink and a finish with a shimmer to keep your nails sparkling all day everyday. This royal red can be worn as you please. Keep it simple and opaque with one coat, or top it off with two for a full coverage manicure. If you want that shade that has just catches everyone’s eye with its shimmers, this is your new go to colour.


“Your nails tell all with this edgy green that’s meant to be seen” This greyed out army green shade, is a beautiful colour to really get you in those cold winter vibes this year. It’s a shade to pull of anytime anywhere, that just seems to go with everything. It’s just a down to earth natural shade that everyone needs in their collection. Just apply two coats for a full coverage glossy manicure.


“Put a little sassy lassie into your next manicure with an alluring amethyst” This deep cream purple shade is a stunning dark colour perfect for the people that want a daring and mysterious manicure. This shade is so dark and full coverage that you can even just apply one coat and you are good to go, however if you really want that perfect dark nail, apply two and enjoy your glossy finish, that is giving us all autumn feels.


“Nails be flashing a flirtatious message. Thistle back!” This full of shimmer shade is full of bursts of colour that mix together to create this gorgeous new shade to add to your collection. From purples, browns, silvers and a light pink you will have that manicure that in any light gives off a different overall look that everyone will want. So splash out and treat your nails to this amazing new shade before it’s gone.


“OPI raises the “Bar” with a cool mix of coal and grey” This shade is the perfect colour if you want a shimmer dark grey with slight navy blue undertones to it. Apply one coat with this shade for a light finish that is fairly opaque, or you can apply two coats for a full gloss manicure leaving you with a mysterious nail that everyone will ask the shade of. It’s not too grey, not too blue its the perfect in between for winter days.


“What a tease! A monster blue that delivers big colour for your next manicure “ This dark blue navy shade is full of silver tones as well as light green glitters though out for that edgy shiny overall look. This is such a beautiful shade if you love a dark nail like a navy but still want it to stand out and look glamorous. It is the perfect amount of shine not to overpower the blue but still keep heads turning. Apply two coats for a full coverage shimmering finish.


“Real, or imagined, make no mistakes about the power of the captivating colour” This dusty turquoise blue cream shade, is a lovely light blue colour that has a gorgeous high gloss shine to finish the look off. Even though this is a very simple light shade, with two coats you are in for a full coverage manicure that is light but still one to wear to make people stare.


“A little dance from the highlands with this playful grey purple tease.” This deep dark purple is not just a plain colour it has accents of dark purple throughout. Apply two coats of this colour for a full coverage nail. With this easy streak free formula you will get a lovely application that drys fast, so it’s perfect for on the go.


“It’s your turn to shine. A natural beauty that transitions into glam” This collection had to add two stunning nudes into it, for the simple nail lovers. However do not be fooled by this shade, even though it is very classy and light with just one coat, you can add two for a full coverage shade that gives off pink and purple accents for a clean nail that not only goes with every outfit but is perfect for in the office and out.


“Satiate your appetite for colour with this yummy classic” If you are looking for the perfect nude shade we have found it! This stunning peach inspired colour is a glossy nail, that will keep your manicure looking classy and natural when you just want to show off your summer tan. Keep this shade nice and light with one coat, or build it up with two and watch some gorgeous brown accent come through into a full coverage gloss nail. Official release date – August 1st, 2019.

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