Pool Proof your Mani

There is no need to worry when it comes making your nail polish last on holiday. We have the perfect solution to pool-proof your nails…

Feeling your best and looking your best when it comes to your manicure is an essential on holiday! At Nail Polish Direct we know whether it’s last minute prep or you want to be organized when it comes to your nails, it’s not just about making your manicure and pedicure look out of this world but also keeping them healthy and treated during your holidays as well . So to help you do exactly this, we have put together four simple steps, just using three high quality products, so you can keep your nails looking salon fresh all holiday long.  So read through, and get that dream manicure this summer that just looks perfect for longer, even when you are on the beach.

Step one

Halo Gel Nails Tools

The first step for your simple pool proof manicure, is all about buffing and shaping your nails, to smooth out any ridges and nicks and create a good base. When it comes to this, Halo provides top high quality products from buffers to foam files so you can get that perfect manicure base – free from any imperfections. Just use our Halo Gel Nails single white block, to gently buff across your natural nail, only using six strokes on each nail. This will leave such an attractive sheen to the nails, to the point where you might even want to skip the polishing step, if you are in a rush. Then choose a file to create your desired shape which prevents your nails from breaking or splitting. File your nails from the outside edge towards the middle. Follow the natural shape of the nail for best results. Avoid sawing back and forth so that you do not weaken the nail.

Step two

Cuccio Nail Solutions Ultra Bond Base Coat

After completing step one, apply a high quality base coat, such as our Cuccio Nail Solutions Ultra Bond to your natural nail. When doing this, be sure to cap the tips to prolong wear. By wearing a base coat under your polish, this will prevent any staining from your new bright summer polish. This provides a clear protective layer between your natural nail and the pigment of the polish, so you can rock your favourite bright summer shade. Just apply a base coat and allow it to dry, and you are good to go. Not only this, but you will be fully prepared for a long lasting manicure that will give you that salon looking finish that everyone wants. So enjoy your holiday and don’t worry about your nails, they will stay perfect for longer.

Step three

This step is all about being you and making your nails as unique as possible. So choose your favourite Summer shade, whether that’s bright and bold like a hot pink, or simple and natural like a nude brown, it’s your choice. Because there are no rules when it comes to your nails. Always remember to avoid your cuticles when polishing, stick to the nail bed and apply up to three coats and cap the tips for the perfect flawless finish.

Step four

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects ProStay Technology – Gloss

The last step for that perfect holiday proof manicure and pedicure is all about sealing in your nail polish with a durable top coat. This will protect your manicure from chipping or cracking. One of our top trending top coats at the minute is OPI’s Infinite Shine Top Coat, which is all about giving your manicure that long lasting colour and shine, just as if you are wearing gel. If you are a glossy lover, this is the product for you. Not only this, but it wears for up to ten days, so even on your seventh day on holiday you don’t have to worry about topping up because you will have a glossy, glass like finish the whole time. As well as having a stunning manicure, you can enjoy the chip-free nails too, which means you don’t need to panic when you forget to take your bright polish with you. Relax, we have you covered! Just add your top coat and enjoy your holiday with perfect nails.

From the NPD Team x




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