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Cuccio Naturale – Bronze Shimmer Butter


Who wouldn’t want that perfect glowing summer tan all year around without spending lots of going abroad.. Well we have the perfect solution. New to Nail Polish Direct is Cuccio’s bronzing shimmer butter, a rich creamy formula that jut gives you that soft glowing skin that we all want and dream about. This non oily intense hydrating treatment not only leaves you with a stunning new fresh tan, that no one has to know isn’t real… But it also nourishes and hydrates your skin imminently after application, because of it’s infused Moringa oil and Mango seed butter it adds rich moisture back into your skin while making it look out of this world at the same time. So, there is no excuse this summer to not wear your dream dress, because now you have the perfect product to make you feel that little bit more confident and glam for just £19.95, with free UK delivery. It’s the perfect summer treat for everyone to have that silky summer skin.

Cuccio NATURALÉ Professional Scentual Spa Mist


Imagine having that Spa environment feel but whenever you like? We all love that refreshing, eye opening smell that every spa has, that just seems to calm you down and make you feel that little bit more relaxed. Well with Cuccio, you can now have your very own spa mist to use whenever you want and any time you want. This Professional Scentual Spa Mist, is the perfect product to spray on your towels, linens or even around your house to create a beautiful environment that just seems to grab everyone’s attention.  This product is just for everyone, because not only does it come in one amazing scent but it comes in four, all different and unique in their own way but still all just as perfect as each other. From Vanilla Bean and Sugar to White Limetta and Aloe Vera. So enjoy your new spa retreat from your own home, and make your own space one that you can now fall in love with even more with this handy mist.

Cuccio NATURALÉ Professional Manicure Revitalizing Oil


Cuccio’s Professional Manicure Revitalizing Oil is all about being your all year around manicure essential, Just pop in your bag and take anywhere, and we can promise it will just become that product that you can’t live without because you can just see the difference it makes straight away. This amazing product after application conditions and nourishes your cuticles and skin leaving them with a gorgeous soft touch, and makes sure your manicure stays away from dry chapped cuticles. As it is infused with White Limetta & Aloe Vera along with unique, Natural Oil’s, it not only gives you the perfect longer lasting manicure but keeps you smelling and feeling amazing too. Just apply one drop to each cuticle daily and massage in, and that new summer manicure you got, well that will just look perfect for even longer now. 

Cuccio Heatwave 2019 Nail Polish Collection

Polish- RRP£4.95

Gel Polish- RRP £8.95

This stunning collection is all about being bold bright and enjoying those summer vibes while they are here. The Cuccio 2019 Heatwave Collection brings twelve gorgeous polishes, both regular nail polish as well eight Gel polish’s. They all share that they are just perfect for this summer season, the colour palette has the hottest brightest shades, so you can grab everyone’s attention and let you nails do the talking wherever you are. From ” Hot Thang!” a stunning warm bubbly pink, to ” Aquaholic” a cool teal blue, perfect for your new go to holiday manicure. All of these shades are a complete must have for feeling bright and glam, just pair with  a simple outfit and let your nails shine, because who doesn’t love a hot new manicure? As well as this collection having eight gorgeous new shades, this extended long wearing formula has been made with triple pigmentation technology, so you can even apply just one coat of your favorite shades and still have a high looking nail or apply two for full coverage. So create a new punchy nail look either for your Manicure, Pedicure or both and stay in those summer vibes for longer.

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