Need a Hydration Boost?

Mask’s could be your life saver this summer

We all know during summer, it can be difficult to give your skin the moisture and hydration it needs to stay healthy and fresh. Sometimes we just want that quick easy product to pop onto our skin after a long day at work, or after a hot holiday away. But what products help the most? One product that is so simple but makes such a difference to your skin, whether that is your face hands or feet is mask’s. A mess free easy to apply sheet that not only helps to clear dark spots, aging marks, clogged pores and reduces dry areas but it leaves you with a soft glowing base to your skin that we all want. And this is why we have fallen in love with mask’s because they are so versatile, you can use them to prep your skin before make up for that perfect baby soft base that you make up just gilds on to, or if you have just had a long day in the office and your skin is feeling lifeless and dry, the right mask will add that hydration and moisture to it, so you feel lifted and beautiful. Or if you have been sitting in the sun and you need that session of pure relaxation so your skin feels less tight, there is a mask for it all. But to help you find the best mask for you at the moment, here are some we have all fallen in love with at the moment at NPD.

Skin Republic Makeup Primer Face Mask

Prime + Refine 3 Minute Primer RRP£4.95

Looking for the perfect product to make your make up look flawless every time ? This is the mask for you! This prime and refine three minute mask, is really for the make up lovers. We all know the struggles when you have been at work all week wearing make up and when it gets to Friday you face can just feel neglected, well it doesn’t haven’t to be like that, with the Skin Republic’s mask, you can now give your skin the boost it needs and still wear your make up everyday, but the difference is your make up will just glide on with ease and most importantly stay there all day. So it’s time to get that radiant glow you have always wanted this summer and hide any skin imperfections but within just three minutes. Just make sure you start off with a clear washed face, unfold the mask very gently from the package and place on to the face. Then sit back and relax for three minutes while the mask does it’s magic. After this remove the mask but do not rinse, let the product sit on your face and gently pat in and go ahead and apply your make up and you will have the perfect primer base to keep your make up looking flawless all day. So enjoy your new glowing skin with this cruelty free must have.

Nails inc Thirsty Hands 

Super Hydrating Hand Mask RRP£8.00

We use our hands everyday, and properly more than we think. So it is important to take care of them, so what better way that the Super Hydrating Hand Mask. This mask is all about using it’s intense moisture boost technology, Powered by botanical extracts to protect and brighten hard working hands, after a long hard week. Because everyone suffers from dry dehydrated hands but not any more with this amazing product, you can say bye to tired looking hands and hello to fab healthy looking ones, in just 15 minutes. This mask is perfect for anyone no matter what age or skin type, you can now enjoy your new summer soft hands while having an excuse to really and sit back for 15 minutes while they do their magic.. or maybe 30 …

Beauty Pro Collagen Infused Bootie

Foot Therapy RRP£3.95

It’s time to give you feet some TLC. Being on our feet nearly all day, everyday it can be difficult to forget about them. But we have something perfect to help both you and your feet out. The Foot Therapy Infused Booties. These Dual layered anti-ageing treatment booties are combined with marine collagen, cooling peppermint and fruit extracts to deeply moisturize and hydrate your feet with it’s mixture of oils. Just cleanse your feet, slide them into the booties and wear for around 20 minutes. After this remove them and leave the excess products to soak into your feet. This will  help to remove calluses and rough skin resulting in softer, revitalized feet, as well as leaving them glowing and re hydrated, perfect for that up coming party or holiday. But we know what you’re thinking, don’t worry about your new painted manicure that will be fine, It’s a win win.

Enjoy your new perfect skin

From the NPD Team x




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