Remove your Gel Polish

Remove your Gel Polish quickly and easily every time

 Gel polish… we all love it! Having a chip-free and glossy manicure that lasts for weeks never fails to make us feel that little bit more glamourous and confident. Enjoy that feeling when you have fresh new gel nails this summer, and don’t worry about chipping, smudging or peeling. Once your perfect long-lasting, highly pigmented gel manicure starts to grow out, or lose it’s vibrance, it’s time to start thinking about removing your nail colour! Whether you’re pushed for time to get to the nearest salon, looking to save some money or simply want to be able to remove your gel polish with ease yourself, we have the perfect at-home gel polish removal method that’s so easy to follow and will work every time. So, because we know the struggle of removing gel polish from home, we have put together a full YouTube video on our Nail Polish Direct channel for you to follow when taking off your gel manicure from home to make it that little bit easier. Make sure you head over to our channel and take a look at the full video, but to shorten it as much as possible and show you some of the products we used, we have put together a step by step guide for you to follow. Read through and make that removal process we all have to go through that little bit easier and much more affordable.


Gelish Acrylic Artificial Nail Remover

RRP: £9.95

When removing your gel nails, the first thing to do is to break down the product as much as possible. You can do this by soaking your nails in a pure ‘Acetone’ solution such as the Gelish Acrylic Artificial Nail Remover. Place the nails into a bowl filled with the solution and soak, or wrap the nails in cotton and foil and leave for around 10/15 minutes. This will gently break down the gel polish causing it to soften and flake, making it easy to remove. This salon quality product is designed to remove acrylics and gel polish in a safe simple way, without drying out your skin or natural nails and leaving them healthy and conditioned. Just pour a reasonable amount into your manicure bowl and soak your nails within it. Starting at £9.95, product will last you as long as you can make it, which can be up to three months with the smaller bottle, so not only are you caring for your nails but you are saving money at the same time. So make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to see the full process with the before and after when it comes to the soak off.

Orly Gel FX Pusher & Remover

RRP: £11.95

Having a high quality file and pusher during this process is really important for the best quality removal without damaging your nails. After soaking your nails in the Acetone, while still damp, use a nail pusher such as the Orly Gel FX Pusher & Remover, which featured on our YouTube tutorial. Gently push away at the left-over gel product on the nails, without applying too much pressure or scratching the nail bed. This product not only helps to remove gel but also is used for preparing the nails and cuticles for a new summer manicure. Because of the rounded end, it makes the process a lot faster and easier without damaging the natural nail. We also used the Halo’s ‘Elite Moon Nail Foam File’, to shape the natural nail and also to prepare the nail bed for another gel manicure by filing the shine off the natural nails. For both products, the total comes to under £15.00, so you can use these reusable products after every manicure and make things a lot easier.


Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser

RRP: £8.50

Caring for your nails after a Gel or Acrylic removal process is really important to add back hydration and moisture. During this process we used one of our best selling Cuticle oils, the Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser. We applied this to the natural nails and the base of the nails, massaged in and waited around 20 minutes to let the product really soak in and work it’s magic before applying a new gel polish to the bare nails. This amazing product is a highly penetrative oil that is designed to intensively nourish dry cuticles, helping to keeps nails supple. It does this with it’s formulated key ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba, sweet almond oil and rice oil, which all work together to give off the most amazing sweet smell as well as helping to nourish the nails and help with nail growth.

Don’t forget to head over to our YouTube channel, and check out the full Gel Removal, and make changing up and removing your gel manicure so much easier and affordable with our help. 

From the NPD Team x

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