Gone West By China Glaze

All new 2019 Autumn shades inspired by the Wild Wild West.

China Glaze – Gone West 2019 Nail Polish Collection

August 2019 has brought us a collection that is filled with a range of new Autumn inspired shades, ranging from warm neutrals to warm luscious pinks. All to get us in those warm winter vibes that little bit earlier this year. Because who doesn’t want to be nail prepared, when the new season shades start trending? This collection is perfect for someone who loves doing their nails but not overdoing it, with it’s simplicity but eye catching colours. So It’ s time you relived them Autumn memories through your nails today with these eight new stunning shades. This collection has slowly helped ease us into the autumn month’s with a nice twist, these natural shades are filled with shimmers and colourful accents throughout, with a few bright shades to brighten up the collection. So don’t think you have to have a simple nude manicure if it’s not your thing, because you can have a glam girly nude nail that no one can say no to.

China Glaze Gone West 2019 Nail Polish Collection –  Campfired Up!

Campfired Up, is a hot red creme, with a glossy finish. This medium tones red, is one of the shades in this collection that is just one bold bright colour through out, with no shimmers. So you can add a glossy or a Matt top coat and wear this shade as you please. This warm red, is a real autumn shade with it’s stunning undertones. With just one coat this shade is nicely formulated to give off a high coverage with just as high pigment, or top it off with two for the real extra red look, that we will all want this winter.

China Glaze Gone West 2019 Nail Polish Collection – Prairie Tale Ending

This cool cream creme shade, is a very similar formula to ” Campfired Up“, as it is a one colour polish with no shimmer or glitter through out. However this stunning simple nude shade, is all about wearing how you want and whenever you want. If you want a shade that is perfect for in the work place but can still wear it at the weekends, as going with every outfit, as it is so natural and calming, this is the shade for you. With just two coats, this shade creates the perfect full coverage with high pigment manicure.

China Glaze Gone West 2019 Nail Polish Collection – Take The High Rodeo

Take The High Rodeo this year with this new stunning copper pink/brown with a shimmer. This mauve inspired pink polish, is full of silver,pink and gold shimmers through out for that eye catching glam manicure, if you want a nude but want it with a twist as well. This gorgeous shade with just two coats, makes for a full coverage overall look that seems to have a different look in any light, so enjoy this magical shade from this collection.

China Glaze Gone West 2019 Nail Polish Collection – Lawless & Flawless

Lawless & Flawless is a beautiful flawless pink shimmer shade, similar to ” Take The High Rodeo“, but a lot lighter and and more baby pink. This rosy shade, is a colour for those who want a very simple not too over the top manicure in the office and out. With two coats this subtle shade, is very light but sill catches attention. By moving your nails, accents of gold and pink shimmers will come through giving it that perfect classy pink with a glam side to it.

Fancy checking out the four other stunning polishes in this collection to step into autumn with? Head over to the China Glaze Wild west collection on our website and grab your new go to shade today, while they are still here.

Enjoy your new Wild Winter manicure

From the NPD team x

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