Essie is the one of the most well known go to nail brands for salons, beauty lovers, industry insiders, celebrities and fashion icons around the world. Because of it’s extensive colour palette, and flawless high coverage formula, we just fall in love every time new polishes come out. So to really kick off September in style at Nail Polish Direct we want to show you some of the new, improved and must have shades that Essie has come out with recently. Not only will this new collective give you those Autumn warm shades that we are all started to get back into, but it has also kept those summer loving shades that we just can’t say bye to. From Bright’s, pastel’s to daring dark’s, it has something for everyone to fall in love with. So take a look, and see which one catches your eye because there is a Shade to suit every skin complexions, outfit, season and mood. It’s prefect!

Essie Nail Polish Collection – Petal Pushers

Petal Pushers, is just that shade that everyone is dying to try out this Autumn, as all the darker colours start trending back in. This dusty slate blue is a refreshing shade with cool grey, blue and subtle red undertones, for that extra colour envy. For that perfect shade that is not too dark but not to light to easy your way back into the winter month’s this is the shade for you. It’s simple but still a statement piece to grab everyone’s attention, just pair with any outfit and wear any time because this shade is just perfect for any occasion, and you are good to go.

Essie Nail Polish Collection – Sole Mate

Feeling a dark and daring manicure this autumn? Sole Mate could be your new favourite go to shade! This rich deep plum lacquer, is just screaming winter, fall and fashion to us all. With it’s dark formula full of red,purple and brown undertones, this bold daring shade just needs one/two coats for a full coverage manicure that just gives you that classy and glossy overall look, that we have been waiting for, with a streak free application, perfect fit for every nail size brush. So it’s time to get into those Autumn shades.

Essie Nail Polish Collection – Mint Candy Apple

If you want to get into the Autumn spirit with some natural shades, but still have a love for a pastel manicure, Mint Candy Apple could be the one. This adorable creme mint nail polish is just perfect for any season. Don’t be fooled by it’s sweet exterior because you can wear this stunning shade all year round. So it’s time to rock a natural green shade this month but with a girly pastel twist to make it that little bit more glam. Apply one coat of this polish for a nice light mint tint or apply two for a full coverage manicure with a glossy chip free finish. No more worrying about a opaque shade that lasts two minutes, because this is a game changer for all the pastel lovers.

Essie Nail Polish Collection – In Stitches

Sucker for a pink, no matter what the weather ? This stunning blush pink polish knows just how to work it. This elegantly tailored nail lacquer moves seamlessly from day to night, so there is no need to swap shades after the office, because this gorgeous nude pink is perfect for anywhere, anytime and with any outfit. Just apply two coats of this polish for a full coverage overall look with a glossy finish and outstanding durability, so take care of your manicure and this polish will stay on your nails for longer. Don’t think during the colder month’s you have to wear a dark nail, because there are no rules to polish,rock your favourite shade whether that’s pink, pastel or dark it’s up to you.

Enjoy your new Autumn nail polish collection

From the NPD Team x

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