Nails Inc Spring 2020

What doesn’t say the new year is here like the Nails Inc spring 2020 collection? From bright to natural with a a Crystal twist, this collection has something for everyone to fall in love with, just like we have. So take a look, find your new must have product,and keep an eye out because it won’t be long till you can get your hands on them too. Welcome to Nails Inc heaven!

High Performance four piece Collections

The new High performance four piece nail polish sets are back with a bang this year, from the ‘Naked in Neon’ collection, a set that is not just your normal neon shades! Nails Inc have stolen the sun and bottled the brightness with these supersonic sunshine high performance shades. Not forgetting about a cool neutral shade to pair with each shade for a unique look. Each stunning colour is formulated with complex pigments designed without the need for a white activator. This set is all about wearing it how you want, but always letting your nails do the talking no matter what.

Lover for nudes, don’t worry there is a set for you too. When it comes to the four piece ‘Tonal Collection’, there are four beautifully formatted everyday shades to make that simple but effective statement. Nails Inc have taken the manicure into their hands and given you these super chic colours we just can’t get enough of. By applying two coats you will be left with a full coverage, flawless application manicure every time you will just fall in love with.

‘What the Shell’
Four single shell effect shades

These four trending single shades were all inspired by everything shell, and we are living for it. All swatched straight from the beach, this four piece collection set is the most istagramble one yet with their pearlescent shades all with a colour flip sandy shimmer. Don’t be warned, you will expect beautiful long lasting pigment with a silky application.

Bronze “Call me on your Shell Phone”

Silver pearl “The world’s your oyster babe”

Mother of pearl blue ” Let’s take a shelfie”

Pink shine “Shells Aloud”

The Duo’s of dreams

“Crystals made me do it”

It’s time to make your manicure part of your daily meditation routine this 2020, with the Nails Inc feel good duo. The perfect partner in shine for all those crystal and nail lovers out there. Not only does this duo contain a 45 second top coat filled by real amethyst crystals for good positive energy, but it also contains a crushed rose quartz pink shimmer shade to give your nails that girly stunning look to them with a twist. Not only will you have two shades that are full coverage, but also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

“Freshly Juiced”

This super fruit vitamin C duo set, is a new burst of fresh air when it comes to two juicy shades, perfect for the spring weather. With both a stunning orange scented shade, as well as a pink watermelon scented shade, both these unique polishes are enriched with vitamin C, containing multiple antioxidant that work together with ferulic acid and vitamin E, to give your nails that pop of colour to make them the center of attention anywhere you are.

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