Cuccio Imagine Collection Spring 2020

Cuccio Imagine 2020 Spring collection
This beautiful dreamy collection is full of pretty pastel colours perfect for this coming spring season. Formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for complete colour coverage in as little as two coats. This amazing nail collection will cure in as little as 30 seconds under UV or LED lights and up to 3 weeks chip resistant. Amazing right?! These cute pastel Cuccio nail lacquer will be your dream this spring.

Cuccio – I Imagine

This light grey colour has a simple elegant feel. Let it fill your imagination with spring feelings.

Cuccio – I Reflect

This light grey colour with a hint of pale blue will have you reflecting on past spring fun. This stunning colour is guaranteed not yellow or harden.

Cuccio – I Dream

A pretty pale blue will have you dreaming cooling off in the soothing water in the heat of spring. With the triple pigment technology, these colours will give you a complete colour coverage.

Cuccio – I Crave

We’re craving this beautiful pale purply pink colour. Drying in under 30 seconds in both UV and LED lights making it a super fast and easy product to use.

Cuccio – I Desire

Pop this pale pink on your nails to bring in the spring. Seal with a topcoat for extra long wear.

Cuccio – I Seek

Seek this light baby pink colour this stunning Cuccio nail varnish is perfect for spring. With these stunningly designed bottles made specially for maximum use, you’ll love them all.

Cuccio – I Endure

This warm nude with hints of yellow will bring you the warmth of spring. With a stabilized formula with no evaporation or hardening guaranteed.

Cuccio – I Wish

Wish for a beautiful light nude shade for spring. This 100% polish free nail lacquer is perfect for a spring fling.

These beautiful colours are easy to apply with this simple four step process. first Start by applying your chosen base coat to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back. For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of this pretty pastel down the center of the nail. Apply another coat, until you have your desired opacity. Seal with one coat of top coat for extra long wear. We know your just going to love these stunning Cuccio’s pastel Spring Imagine Collection!

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