Who’s a Mother to you?

Mother’s come in all shapes and forms in many people’s lives so we want to say a big thank you to all the mother figure’s out there for helping us become who we are today. To all of the amazing mothers, grandparents, sisters, carers and individuals who act as mother figures in so many people’s lives. Thank you for being you!

We asked the team ‘Who’s a mother to you?’, here’s what they said…

“I owe all my strength and determination to my Mum, I strive to make her proud of her kids knowing they would do anything for her happiness. Always a mother, forever my friend. This is the best way I could describe what my mother means to me.” – Mamps

“I am so grateful to have a Mum who is my best friend and always there when I need her. I know she is always by my side and I can go to her for anything. As well as my mum I have other role models who I look up to like my sister and also like a bestie. Another role model for me is my friend Mamps who is always by my side and such an inspiration.” – Georgia

“I’m so lucky that I have a Mamma who I love with all my heart, She drives me crazy but I would be completely lost lost without her. As well as my lovely Mum I also have a number of amazing women in my life. My Grandmothers who have helped raise me, my amazing Godmother who I know I can talk to about absolutely anything and my two incredible friends Pami & Stella who are both amazingly strong and brave.” – Erica

“I am lucky enough to have some incredible female role models in my life. My mum is absolutely amazing, she’s so supportive and caring. I can rely on her for advice about absolutely anything! I also have my big sister who’s my best friend, she’s also now a mother herself with two children of her own. I am so thankful to have them both in my life, I love my mum and sister to bits!” – Megan

“My mum is not only my role model but my best friend and the person i go to everything with. I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life everyday, to bring me up into the person I am now. Love you!” – Tiana

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