January 2021

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How to push back your cuticles

Cuticle care is an essential part of your manicure routine. Removing unwanted dead skin around the nails and cleaning up your nail bed leaves you with the perfect base for a flawless manicure. When cuticles are left without regular grooming, the skin around the nail can grow to cover a large section of the lower nail which can lead to further problems such as bacterial infections, split cuticles and hangnail. Luckily this is easily preventable and you can keep your cuticles in check with just a few easy steps and... Read More

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The best DIY at-home nail enhancements: Kiara Sky Gelly Tips

Missing your nail salon? You’re not alone! We have some amazing products here at NPD that will leave your nails feeling as if they’ve just been freshly manicured. Whilst many of us can paint our nails and even achieve a glossy LED/UV gel manicure, it’s creating nail extensions and enhancements at-home that require a bit of extra effort and a few watches of educational nail videos. Luckily brands like Kiara Sky have created products that provide you with at-home nail extension methods that are easier than ever to achieve. Kiara... Read More

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How to make your nails grow faster

Want longer, stronger, healthier natural nails? We all love having our nails done and experimenting with gels, acrylics & builders, but sometimes it’s good to give your nails a breather. Like our hair, our nails can be boosted and stimulated to promote accelerated growth and overall health with the right nutrients. Look out for treatments that contain protein, calcium and keratin. These are the power ingredients that your hair and nails love. The protein that makes up the cells of your natural nail is called keratin, meaning it’s role in... Read More

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The nail care ingredients to watch

Find out about the nail loving ingredients that you’ll want to watch out for before you make your next nail purchase. Here at NPD we’re all about boosting the health of your natural nails. These key natural additives derived from nature will combat common nail conditions with lasting effects. Products to look out for that contain the following include: Jessica Life Jacket – Extra Protection for Active Nails: Contains NATURAL FIBES – mimics the effects of additional nail layers. Click here to shop Jessica Life Jacket protects the nails with... Read More