How to remove false nails

Acrylic nails and nail extensions make your nails look amazing! We all love a trip to the salon, but what do you do when you need to remove them from home? Whether it’s hard gels, acrylics, builder gels or gel polish, you can do all of this yourself from home with no hassle. Gel removal from home and acrylic nail removal from home requires a few products, a little patience and the know-how.

First of all, you’ll need to remove the surface shine and the strong, hard layer over your nails which will likely be formed of gel polish and top coat. Rough the surface of your nails with a nail file or buffer with a 180 grit or higher. File your nails around the edges too to remove the seal. If your nail extensions are long, take a nail clipper and gently remove some length – be careful not to trim them too short so your nails aren’t sore or too close to the skin underneath. Now that you’ve broken the surface, you’ll be ready to soak off the products thoroughly.

For acrylic nail removal and hard gels, get yourself a bowl and pour in some acetone or nail polish remover that is NOT acetone-free. The acetone is the ingredient that you’re looking for when you’re removing your nails. We stock a wide range of popular acetone formulas such as Red Carpet Manicure Erase Nail Polish Remover, Jessica Professional GELeration Soak Off Gel Polish – Erase Soak-Off Remover, The Edge Nails High Grade Acetone Tip Remover 500ml and Gelish Acrylic Artificial Nail Remover 236 ml (01227). This is what is going to dissolve the extension and soften the acrylic or gel.

Soak your acrylics for up to 15 minutes until the products is visibly disintegrating. Wipe and dry and give them another gentle buff to see how much products you have left on the nail. Soak again for around 10 minutes. By this time, the extension should then be thin enough to push away with a pusher tool. Be very gentle and only remove what lifts very easily. Do not peel or pull to avoid any of your natural nails lifting or peeling. Once your nails are clean, dry them and file to your desired shape. Your nails may feel a little soft after wearing acrylics, so ensure that you apply a strengthening treatment straight afterwards and cuticle oil daily. Follow the same steps for hard gels.

If you’re wearing gel polish or builder gels, these are slightly easier to remove and require less soaking. For this process, you’ll need to buff and file away the shiny surface and around the edges of your nails to break the seal of the top coat. If you have long nail extensions, trim these lightly being mindful not to take them too short so you are comfortable with the length of your nails underneath. You can now either soak cotton pads in acetone and wrap to each nail using foil. Many brands have ready-made gel removal foil wraps such as Nail Polish Direct Foil Cotton Pad Remover Wraps (20 Pack),Artistic Colour Gloss Professional Gel Removal Foil Sheets – 200 Piece Pack, The Edge Nails Professional Nail Wraps – Bandage Nail Wraps Soak-Off Gel (2011006) and Cuccio Finger Mates Soak Off Gel Removal System – Foam Refills.

Saturate the pad inside the wrap with your acetone and position the nail directly in contact with the soaked pad. Then fold over the sides of the wrap and the top of foil to enclose the fingertip. Give the foil a light squeeze so that it’s fully secured to the nail. Soak for up to 15 minutes and then lightly lift away the wraps. Your gel polish should be soft and lifting. All you need to do is take a cuticle pusher and gently remove the remaining gel polish if it is all loose enough. Should there be any tough parts on one of your nail that aren’t lifting easily, make sure you don’t pull at the gel polish. Simply soak another pad and re-wrap in the foil to loosen the rest of the gel polish.

Your nails will feel a little thin and soft after gel and acrylic removal. Make sure you cleanse the nail, shape into your desired shape and lightly buff the surface. Apply a strengthening nail treatment to keep your nails strong, some of our popular treatments for post gel-wear include Orly Nailtrition Nail Strengthener 9ml,CND vinylux Rescue RXx – Daily Keratin Treatment , OPI Gel Break Trio Pack – Properly Pink (NT P01) 3 x 15ml,Zoom Dry Nail Food System – Nail Eat & Nail Drink (x2 15ml) and Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle – Growth Treatment 13.3ml (Z45103).

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