Glitterbels acrylics and gels

Glitterbels created by Nails by Annabel is one of our newest brands to arrive at Nail Polish Direct. The Glitterbels range includes highly pigmented Acrylic powders that are hard-wearing, finely milled and available in a flawless range of shades. Glitterbels acrylic powders are now available in a range of core shades such as Porcelain Cover, Nude Blush Cover, Soft White Cover, Peacherbel Cover, Pink Opal, Pink Opal Shimmer, Peacherbel Soft, Snowdrops White, and Glass Slippers. Glitterbels also offer a range of stunning glitter acrylic powder and coloured acrylic powder options. Choose from best-selling Acrylic Glitter Powder shades such as Arabian Nights, Adore Me, Apple Flake, Beauteberry, Blue Ice, Chocca-Mocca, Chunky Silver, Dolphin Dreams, Ice Queen, Juicy Peach, Liza, Mango Fizz, Moon Shadow, Lily Pink, Elliot, Fairy Crush, Hot Chilli, Hot Flake and many more.

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Alongside the most loved Glitterbels Acrylic Powder range, this glamorous and luxury nail brand also has a range of highly pigmented LED/UV gel nail polishes such as Baby Boy, Basic B, Bon Bon, Corfu Coral, Crazy In Pink, Cutie Crunch, Edgy Chick, Greyham, In Your Face, Love Me, Minty Soft, Muted Blue, On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink, Papillon, Pass Me The Grapes, Pinkilicious, Prinny Pink and more…

Why choose Glitterbels? This stunning nail range offers long-lasting wear, completely unique and fashion forward gel shades. If you’re looking for an acrylic powder that’ll really turn heads or a highly pigmented gel polish, this is the brand for you.

Glitterbels Acrylic powders are super pigmented, smooth to apply and made in a formula that glides on with ease. It is best advised that Glitterbels glitter powders are used as design powders rather than strength powders, and it is advised that each powder is capped in clear for optimum results. Create that perfect apex and the most gorgeously coloured nail extensions and nail enhancements with Glitterbels professional range. Complete the look with Glitterbels brushes and accessories available at Nail Polish Direct. Shop the brand here.

Let your nails shine in the Glitterbels range, popular amongst nail tech’s and nail salons alike for perfectly glossy nail shades that lasts for weeks.

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