June 2021

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Tips on how to file your nails

Shape and sculpt your nails with Nail Polish Direct. Filing and shaping your nails is a really important stage of your nail prep and maintenance. Whether you’re using files to sculpt nail enhancements such as builder gels or keep your natural nails in shape, we’ve got all the files and buffers that you’ll need for a flawless finish. One of the most important parts of using nail files and buffers effectively is understanding what each grit means and which ones you should be using. Like regular sand paper – the... Read More

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How to strengthen your nails

Achieve stronger, healthier nails with Nail Polish Direct. Are your nails feeling a little weak and thin? Nails that break easily can be a very common but unwanted side effect of wearing gel polish, builder gels and acrylic nails over time. When you come to soak off your enhancements, it’s always a little disheartening to see your nails are much less strong than they were before. Fortunately, just like your hair, your nails can be treated and will grow back! With supplements, the right nutrients and some amazing nail products,... Read More

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How to dispose of your nail polish

Nail polish disposal and the best ways to get rid of your nail polishes and empty nail polish bottles When your nail polishes start gathering dust, dry up or simply run out, you’ll no doubt be looking to dispose of them. There are a few things to bear in mind before you sling your empty bottles in the bin. Whilst the majority of classic nail polish bottles are made from glass, they will often have nail polish remnants inside, a plastic cap and labelling on the outside. Unfortunately recycling nail... Read More

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Gelish Feel The Vibes 2021 Collection

Feel The Vibes with Gelish’s 2021 Summer Gel Polish Collection Get ready to feel the Summer vibes with Gelish’s new 2021 gel polish collection ‘Feel The Vibes’. With six vibrant gel shades to add to your Summer collection, these glossy colours are a welcome addition this season’s line-up. You can always rely on Gelish to deliver with the classy gel polish colours that will be a hit in the salon. Created with their superior gel LED/UV formula, Gelish polishes allow for a smooth, even coverage that cures beautifully to a... Read More

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Zoya’s 2021 Dreamin’ Summer Collection is here

Dreamin’ of Summer with Zoya’s six new shades… The new Zoya Dreamin’ 2021 Nail Polish Collection is here and it’s a lovely range of Summer ready feel good shades that are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and toxin free. With six shades to choose from – these are fresh and vibrant. Quite similar to shades we have seen from Zoya before, but with the updated formula and Z-wide brush, we’re sure these will find their way into your nail collection with no trouble at all. If you’re into vibrancy, fun and embracing... Read More

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Cuccio Totally 80’S Mixtape 2021 Summer Collection

The Cuccio Totally 80’s 2021 Summer Nail Polish Collection features eight new bright and bold nail shades that will give your nails that amazing, stylish neon finish. Neon’s are what we’re all obsessed with this year and Cuccio have really impressed us with this one! We LOVE this line-up, with each shade available in Cuccio’s long-wearing nail polish formula, the Cuccio Veneer LED/UV Gel Polish formula and the most loved Cuccio Matchmakers duo kits. Why not go a little brighter this Summer? We’ve all been waiting for the lockdown lift... Read More

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Orly BREATHABLE Super Bloom 2021 Spring Collection

When summer hits, flowers bloom and the world becomes a bit more colourful. ORLY’s brand new Summer 2021 Breathable nail polish collection, ORLY Super Bloom is filled with whimsical, light-hearted nail polish shades inspired by an over-saturated garden wonderland. Now is the perfect time to embrace vivid colour and vibrant floral inspired hues to give your nails a boost of Summer magic. Coral, periwinkle, and lilac shimmer nail polishes glisten like the morning dew on new petals as they’re greeted by the morning sun. While a soft, sky-blue créme nail polish creates... Read More