How to strengthen your nails

Achieve stronger, healthier nails with Nail Polish Direct.

Are your nails feeling a little weak and thin? Nails that break easily can be a very common but unwanted side effect of wearing gel polish, builder gels and acrylic nails over time. When you come to soak off your enhancements, it’s always a little disheartening to see your nails are much less strong than they were before. Fortunately, just like your hair, your nails can be treated and will grow back! With supplements, the right nutrients and some amazing nail products, you can encourage your nails to grow strong and healthy so that you can restore your manicure back to it’s healthiest and best.

Let’s start with your diet and supplements that you can take to accelerate your journey to healthy strong nails. You can find supplements to take such as gummies or vitamins that give you an added boost – the ingredients or key words that you’ll want to look for are biotin, keratin, collagen, protein and retinol. These are all skin, hair and nail loving vitamins that will aid the natural growth and strength of your nails. Your nails themselves are made of a protein called keratin so taking supplements that support this will help you see gradual results over time. With your diet, make sure you’re consuming your recommended daily dose of calcium which can be found in milk, cheese, yoghurt, leafy greens, seafood, dried fruit and tofu. Plenty of protein is also an essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Make sure you eat a balanced diet filled with a variety of protein rich foods such as eggs, nuts, whole grains, lean meats and salmon.

Now you’re healthy from within and eating the right foods, it’s time to look at how we can help you and which products will really give you the boost you need for your healthiest, strongest nails yet…

First of all, if your nails are feeling uneven, thin and even peeling it’s always good idea to gently shape them all down to a manageable and relatively short shape. By filing your nails down evenly and neatly, you’re ensuring all of the layers of your nails are even, less prone to breakage and are the thickest that they can be at this stage. For natural nail filing we recommend a 240 grit file such as OPI Nail Treatment Professional File Edge – White – 240 and the Mani & Lola White Polar Curved Nail File 240/240. Next, gently buff the natural nail with a low grit buffer such as OPI Nail Treatment Professional File Flex – Silver/Moss 220/280. Just a few strokes will do as you don’t want to thin your nails any further. You’re looking to achieve smooth, even base ready for your treatment.

For deep hydration, hand masks are an amazing way to give your nails some real TLC before applying your product. It’s best to try out a hand mask on bare nails so that they can soak up as much goodness as possible. For intense hydration, we recommend Skin Republic’s Strong Nails Hand Mask – Nail + Cuticle Hand Mask (SR045) 18g, Skin Republic Ultra Nourishing Hand Mask – Nourishing Avocado HandMask (64028) 18g and OPI’s OPI Pro Spa – Advanced Softening Gloves 26ml – 1 Pair (AS110). This stage isn’t essential but can really help you start to feel more confident and positive about your journey to stronger nails with instant results.

Next, make sure you treat your nails soon afterwards to keep them protected. To cleansed, dry and shaped nails, apply your nail treatment. Take a look at some of our most popular products for strengthening your natural nails.

OPI Maximum Strength Nail Envy Formula

Products like OPI Nail Envy are rich in exactly the ingredients you need such as hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. The OPI Nail Envy Nail Treatment Original Nail Strengthener Formula (Maximum Strength) 15ML is one of our most poplular products for strengthening nails.

Benefits: Strengthens nails over time with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. Get invisible protection with the original nail strengthener. The added calcium and protein in this nail strengthener builds healthy nails and encourages nail growth. Nail Envy gives tips that are longer, stronger and harder than ever before.

Shop now: OPI Nail Envy

Price: From £9.95 (RRP: £20.50)

CND Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment

Next up is CND’s most loved Rescue RXX strengthening Keratin treatment. This is an amazing product for strengthening your nails with Keratin Protein and moisturizing Jojoba Oil. This product dries matte so provides invisible and instant protection to work towards bonding and strengthening the layers of your nails.

Benefits: Strengthens weak or damaged nails, whilst restoring moisture. Within one week of use, 80% noticed improvements, 80% saw less white spots. By week four of use, users reported 80% less peeling and 73% less splitting.

Shop now: CND Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment

Price: From £16.95

Jessica Critical Care Basecoat And Topcoat For Soft Nails 

Jessica’s Critical Care is one of our favourite nail treatment for strengthening nails. This glossy treatment dries with a natural shine, and makes even the softest nails feel instantly harder and protected with hydrolysed keratin, soy, wheat protein, and a complex of strengtheners. Jessica Critical Care also contains calcium to strengthen and add flexibility. We reach for this every time we remove gels and nail enhancements to ensure our nails don’t bend or break. This amazing treatment both strengthens your nails and promotes growth by preventing breakages.

Benefits: Hardens and protects your nails with hydrolysed keratin, soy, wheat protein, and a complex of strengtheners. Improves strength, flexibility and quality of nail bed. Boosting growth and strength of severely weakened nails that just wont grow, it bonds the nail layers together building a strong foundation that will resist peeling, chipping and splitting.

Shop now: Jessica Critical Care 14.8ml

Price: From £15.98

Mavala Scientifique K+ – Nail Hardener

Mavala’s Scientifique K+ – Nail Hardener is another fast acting nail treatment that really helps to boost the strength of your natural nails. Mavala Scientifique allows soft, flaking or splitting nails to become healthy and strong.

Benefits: It’s formula hardens the nail plate so that the nail can restore it’s normal growth. Infused with PRO Keratin for harder, stronger, fortified natural nails. Formaldehyde – free.

Shop now: Mavala Scientifique K+ – Nail Hardener

Price: From £7.61

Another great product that we highly recommend to improve the overall health of your nails is the regular use of cuticle oils. We have a wide range of nourishing cuticle oils available at Nail Polish Direct. By applying cuticle oil regularly, you deliver essential nutrients directly to the base of the nail which promotes healthy growth, strengthens the nail and reduces any splitting and peeling of the skin that grows around the nails. Choose from best sellers such as Cuccio NATURALÉ Professional Manicure – Cuticle Milk & Honey Revitalizing Oil (3467) 3.7ml, OPI Pro Spa – Nail & Cuticle Oil 14.8ml, Famous Names Dadi Oil 95% Organic Nail Treatment Oil and Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser 7.4ml.

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