Tips on how to file your nails

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Filing and shaping your nails is a really important stage of your nail prep and maintenance. Whether you’re using files to sculpt nail enhancements such as builder gels or keep your natural nails in shape, we’ve got all the files and buffers that you’ll need for a flawless finish. One of the most important parts of using nail files and buffers effectively is understanding what each grit means and which ones you should be using.

Like regular sand paper – the lower the number the more coarse and abrasive the grit is. Generally 80 grit is the strongest, ranging up to 150, 180 and 240. Any number lower than 180 is meant for use on acrylic nails or nail enhancements for basic shaping such as an 80, 100 or 150 as a file this coarse will be highly abrasive. To shape acrylics, builder gels or hard gels, we would advise a 150 or a 180 file. For natural nails, you’ll want a high number such as a 180 or a 240 file. The grade of a 240 file will be less coarse and ideal for finishing up your enhancements to be smooth or for the gentle shaping of your natural nails. The same goes for nail buffers, lower than 180 is for enhancements only, higher than 180 is gentle enough for natural nails and finishing up enhancements when you’ve done the bulk of your shaping.

For the cleanest edge, try to avoid back and fourth motions and file your nails from one side in gentle strokes in the same direction. This will avoid any coarseness to the edge of your nails and mean that your nails are less prone to splitting. For natural nails, travel from the side to the centre with your file. Just like getting regular hair cuts to maintain healthy hair that doesn’t have split ends, your nails behave in a similar way. If you have any small nicks or splits, it’s best to stop them from travelling any further down the nail or pulling away. Regular, gentle shaping is one of your keys to the healthiest manicure possible that grows straight and even.

You can also perform a full manicure with builder gels and enhancements without the use of nail drills if you have a variety of nail files and buffers. If you’re looking to do your nails with hard gels, builder gels or enhancements you’re best to buy a set that provides you with a range of buffers and files as you’ll be switching between the files as you go along.

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Glass and crystal files are also great for natural nails. They’re specially made to be gentle enough for everyday shaping of your nails and are a popular file to keep in your handbag for daily use. Achieve the smoothest finish with our most popular crystal files.

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