July 2021

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Jessica La Bella Vita 2021 Summer Nail Polish Collection

Cruise into summer with these gorgeous summer shades from the new La Bella Vita 2021 Collection, inspired by the beauty of an Italian summer. It offers 6 new shades, filled with warm summer colours, ranging from soft sunset pinks to scenic ocean blues. Create the perfect summer look with each individual colour or get creative and combine them. All six shades are also vegan friendly, animal cruelty free and formulated to last up to two weeks on natural nails. Jessica polishes are renowned for creating a formula that protects the... Read More

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How to create the perfect french manicure

Ready to get your salon-perfect manicure from home? Give this 5 step guide ago on how to create the perfect french manicure. Preperation: Gently push back your cuticles. This will ensure your French manicure lasts longer, as the nail polish won’t lift from the base of your nail. Why prep? Healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Shape: Next, shape your nails with a file, being careful to file only in one direction. Shape your nails into your preferred shape. The first coat: Apply a base coat. After your base coat has... Read More

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What do salons use to make nail polish stay on longer?

What do salons use to make nail polish stay on longer? Salons use a professional base coat and top coat to make your nail polish last. They also buff and prep your nails before application for max adhesion. Most nail technicians will then finish with a drop of cuticle oil to nourish the nail and enhance that freshly painted feel. When visiting your favourite nail tech, you always feel like they do such an amazing job! Whether it’s gel nails or a classic polish manicure, there’s just something that they... Read More

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Is gel polish better than regular polish?

Is gel polish better than regular nail polish? Yes, gel polish lasts longer, has a higher quality finish and is considered better. Gel polish also dries instantly upon curing meaning most salons take preference of gel polish over classic nail polish. This allows for a faster service time, and a higher quality finish for the nail technician and client with results that last much longer. Whilst there is still a market for nail polish, this now appeals more to the at-home customers. Nail polish does have it’s benefits as its... Read More

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OPI Downtown LA Fall 2021 Collection

Take your nails downtown with OPI’s latest Autumn nail shades. It seems early to be talking about Fall, but in the world of nail polish, we like to get ahead of time with collection sneak peek and releases. OPI’s 2021 Downtown LA Collection is on the horizon and when the time comes, we know you’ll be more than ready to fall in love with these Autumnal shades. You can always count on OPI to release a diverse range of classy shades that will make you look and feel amazing all... Read More

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Which nail polish lasts the longest?

Which nail polish lasts the longest? Premium salon nail polish brands such as OPI Infinite Shine, CND Vinylux and DND last the longest on the nail. These nail polishes are developed with a superior salon formula and long-wearing finish. When applied with a base coat and long wearing top coat, these polishes can last for up to 7 days on the nail and provide a high gloss finish. We also have many other high performance, professional nail polish brands on site such as Cuccio, Zoya, ORLY, China Glaze, Nails Inc,... Read More

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Are gel nails just polish?

Gel polish and nail polish are two separate things. Unlike nail polish, gel polish will stay wet on the nail until it is cured. Gel polish dries instantly once it is cured under an LED/UV lamp whereas nail polish will air dry in around 3 minutes. Gel nails is the terminology used for a manicure applied with LED/UV gel polish. What is gel polish? Gel polish is a professional formula that requires curing under and LED/UV lamp to dry. With gel polish, each layer needs to be cured and you... Read More

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Is gel polish bad for your nails?

Gel polish has so many benefits, it lasts longer, colours cure more vibrant and they give you a hassle-free manicure that lasts for weeks. But are gel polish formulas bad for your nails? No, not when you follow the proper after care advice. When applied and removed properly, the damage caused to your nails should be very minimal and easily solved with a treatment between services to keep your nails healthy and strong. Although gel polishes can be known to thin your nails and affect the strength of your nails,... Read More

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Hacks to make nail polish last longer

Keep your polish lasting as long as possible. When you spend so long getting your nails looking salon perfect, all you really want is for them to last as long as they can! The question we all ask ourselves when our freshly painted nails chip, ‘how do I make my nail polish last longer?’ … We all love a fresh manicure and there is nothing more frustrating than when your favourite nail polish starts to lift or flake. Reducing chips, extending your polish’s lifespan and feeling confident for longer is... Read More