Are gel nails just polish?

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Gel polish and nail polish are two separate things. Unlike nail polish, gel polish will stay wet on the nail until it is cured. Gel polish dries instantly once it is cured under an LED/UV lamp whereas nail polish will air dry in around 3 minutes. Gel nails is the terminology used for a manicure applied with LED/UV gel polish.

What is gel polish? Gel polish is a professional formula that requires curing under and LED/UV lamp to dry. With gel polish, each layer needs to be cured and you must use a gel base coat and a gel top coat for the product to adhere and remain on the nail properly. You cure your base coat, you cure your polish and you cure your top coat. Your nails will also be wiped before and after the service with a cleanser to remove the tacky inhibition layer. It is now much more common for salons and nail tech’s to use gel polish rather than nail polish as the service time is reduced due to the instant drying time and the manicure lasts much longer for up to four weeks. With gel polish, you’re guaranteed a durable manicure that is more like a hard resin formed over the nail. It’s much harder to chip and peel and it is a completely different formula and substance to nail polish. If you’re wanting do to your own gel nails at home, you will need to invest in an LED/UV lamp, a gel base coat, gel polish, a gel top coat and a cleansing solution. It’s also worth knowing how to remove the gel polish at home also Whilst it seems expensive initially, once you have bought these things, you will find your manicure lasts for much longer and your prep products will last for up to 15 manicures or more, whilst most lamps will last for many years coming with a warranty. You can purchase a new gel polish from just £5.95 at Nail Polish Direct with our most popular gel brand Halo by Pure Nails.

What is nail polish? Nail polish does not require curing and you simply paint it onto the nail and allow it to air dry. It stays wet on the nail for around 3 minutes and eventually dries by itself. Whilst it is advised to use a base coat and top coat for prolonged wear, you can apply nail polish directly to the nail and it will still have a similar finish. A classic nail polish manicure should last from around 2 days for up to a week depending the quality of the polish and the method of application. Nail polish is very easy to remove and requires no soaking. You can remove by dampening a cotton pad with nail polish remover and wiping the product from your nail. Nail polish is perfect for you if you want a colour for a short period of time and you like to switch up your colours often with no damage to the nail or difficulty in removal.

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