What do salons use to make nail polish stay on longer?

What do salons use to make nail polish stay on longer? Salons use a professional base coat and top coat to make your nail polish last. They also buff and prep your nails before application for max adhesion. Most nail technicians will then finish with a drop of cuticle oil to nourish the nail and enhance that freshly painted feel.

When visiting your favourite nail tech, you always feel like they do such an amazing job! Whether it’s gel nails or a classic polish manicure, there’s just something that they do differently that seems to outshine your at-home efforts. Remember, your tech’s are fully qualified and trained to paint nails to a professional standard. Not to mention that they have painted many (many!) hands so they know just how to do it right. Whilst we can’t give you those golden years of experience, we can spill some secrets on how they get your nails looking SO good! Salons also always go the extra mile with your nail prep. They ensure that your cuticles are trimmed or pushed back first which allows for the largest surface area of the nail to be covered and the smoothest application of polish. Some nail technicians prefer to use a drill for this part, which is recommended for salon use only.

Your nails will also be cleaned and sanitised before any polish is applied allowing for the best and most professional results that lasts longer than most at-home applications. It’s important to take care in the prep process as you can extend the wear of your polish and you will also create the perfect base for a flawless manicure. A little shaping and buffing also go a very long way. Nails shaped with the correct grit files and finish with a light buff make for the foundations of an immaculate salon mani.

Popular prep products include ibd Emerald Grit, OPI Drip Dry’ Lacquer Drying Drops, OPI Nail Shine Block – Brilliance Block Buffer, Zoya Anchor Basecoat, and Orly Cutique Cuticle Remover. It is also popular practise for nail technicians to use a drop of quick drying solution so that your nails dry a little faster than they would at home. For this, we recommend Jessica Quick Dry 60 Second Topcoat.

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