New Mavala Iconic Colors 2021 Collection

Mavala have launched their new autumn collection ‘Iconic Colors’ and they surely are iconic, they’re stunning! This collection is filled with the perfect autumnal shades with a range of browns, creams and a pop of blue. It doesn’t just end there, although there are only six polishes in this collection, they’re mixed with shimmers and cremes. Create the perfect autumn manicure with these new Mavala polishes, formulated with Silicium to help improve the quality and resistance of the shades! Keep reading to find out more about these gorgeous polishes.

First we have Iverness, a deep tone pearly grey. It’s a shimmery polish but isn’t streaky or translucent it’s fairly opaque in its application and covers the nail completely in three coats.

Next up we have Detroit, an intense blue/grey. It’s a stunning take on a blue colour for fall, dark but not too dark and still full of colour. This polish is creamy and covers the nail fully in just two coats.

The next polish is Manuas a deep dark sultry red, a true fall red shade. Again this polish has a creamy formula and glides onto the nail with ease. Again it’s opaque in it’s application and covers the nail fully in two coats.

It doesn’t end there, we have three more polishes to share with you from this gorgeous collection! The first polish on the left is ‘Muscat’ a warm tone tan brown. It’s the perfect warm nude shade, perfect for all the neutral lovers. Again the formula is creamy and fully covers the nails in two coats.

Next up is Salamanca, a delicate sandy beige. Another perfect shade for the neutral lovers, catered more for people who prefer their nails on the natural side. It’s a creamy formula but takes three coats to be fully opaque.

Rangoon is a shiny burnt henna. It’s warm, shimmery and really does reflect the feel of it’s name. Similar to the previous shimmery shade, it isn’t streaky or translucent it’s fairly opaque in its application and covers the nail completely in three coats.

And there we have it, the new autumn collection by Mavala, available on our site now. Each polish is just £4.96!

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