January 2022

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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Bored of your nails even though it’s only been a week since you last got them done? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this step by step process on how to remove gel nail polish at home, without damaging the natural nail. Gel nail polish removal is an easy and completely doable process to do from home, without any fear of pain or mess. Things you will need to remove gel nails at home: Nail file Acetone Lint Free Wipes or Remover Wraps Cuticle Pusher Nail Treatments Cuticle Oil... Read More

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Check Out The Luxurious Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection

Find the new, chocolate delicacies inspired collection from Halo. The Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection is filled with warm, appetising maroon shades of gel polish. Although the collection only includes three shades, they definitely are brown hues to remember.  From lighter to darker browns, this gel varnish collection offers trendsetting shades that will be looking sizzling all year round. These chocolate brown gel polishes are rich and luxurious, suitable for every skin tone. The shades are not only appropriate for the cooler seasons but they can be worn all... Read More