Check Out The Luxurious Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection

Find the new, chocolate delicacies inspired collection from Halo. The Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection is filled with warm, appetising maroon shades of gel polish. Although the collection only includes three shades, they definitely are brown hues to remember.  From lighter to darker browns, this gel varnish collection offers trendsetting shades that will be looking sizzling all year round.

These chocolate brown gel polishes are rich and luxurious, suitable for every skin tone. The shades are not only appropriate for the cooler seasons but they can be worn all year round. And, these gel polish hues are trendy and essential for the new year.


Starting off strong with Temptation, a warm, rich truffle shade. This shade reminisces of a luxurious hot chocolate or a caramel flavoured latte on a cold morning. Definitely, a must-have to warm you up during the chilly few months at the beginning of the year. The application of the gel varnish is smooth and streak-free. Plus, it’s a fact caramel gel varnishes will never get out of style.


Continuing with Indulgence, a deep chocolate brown shade. This gel polish is the equivalent of the finest dark chocolate, in a bottle. Lavish and opulent, Indulgence invites you in to treat yourself to the finer things in life this new year. The reddish undertones of the gel polish are what separate it from other chocolate brown gel varnishes and make it special. The application of the gel polish is easy and has full coverage, achieving opacity in just two thin coats.


Finishing off with Decadence, an elegant dark, almost black, chestnut shade. This shade encourages you to live in a lap of luxury this year and invite in the abundance. Decadence is the perfect shade to wear to a sophisticated dinner or a special night out. All the Halo Polishes have a silky application and this gel lacquer is no different.

With the Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection, will you give in to the Temptation and discover Indulgence in the things that bring you joy is the new goal this year? Or will you fall into Decadence from self-gratifying excessiveness? Explore the bitter-sweet sides of yourself with this new gel polish collection from Halo Pure Nails.

All the Halo gel varnishes offer a long, chip-free wear and high shine. The gel polishes easily last on the nails for 14 days without losing shine or chipping. The vegan formulation is safe to use and of high quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. The Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection has the best chocolate brown gel polishes for this season and the ones to follow.

How to apply gel polish?

The Halo Chocolate Box Nail Polish Collection has an easy and smooth application, but if you need a little help with it, we have provided you with this step by step process on how to apply gel polish like a pro:

  1. File off the surface shine of the nail. This ensures the gel polish will stick to the nail plate and will not lift.
  2. Remove any dust and oils from the nail and apply a Halo gel polish primer.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Halo Gel Nails Basecoat and cure in an LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Choose your favourite shade from the Halo Chocolate Box Gel Polish Collection (or do a cool design with all three) and apply a thin layer, again curing it in the lamp.
  5. If the desired opacity is not achieved, apply a second layer and followed the previous step.
  6. To finish off your manicure, apply a thin layer of Halo Gel Nails Topcoat, curing it in the lamp. This elongates the wear and shine of your new manicure.

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