April 2022

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Top Tips On How To File Your Nails

It’s important to file and shape your nails correctly to keep them in the best possible condition and prevent them from snapping, snagging, or breaking. Whether you’re using files to shape builder gels,  sculpt nail enhancements or to keep your natural nails in shape, we break down the best tools and techniques to keep your nails looking and feeling fresh.  Table of Contents: The best way to file your nails Which nail file should I use? Why should I use nail oil? How to file your nails step by step... Read More

how to push back your cuticles 06/04/2022

Top Tips On How To Push Back Your Cuticles

A necessary part of your manicure routine, cuticle care is important for achieving perfect nails. Removing unwanted skin from around your nails and nail bed leaves you with the perfect base for a flawless manicure. It also helps to prevent bacterial infections, split cuticles, and hangnails.  Here are our top tips on how to keep your cuticles in check and maintain fabulous, healthy nails! Table of contents: What is the cuticle? Should I push my cuticles back? How can I push my cuticles back? How often should I push back... Read More