June 2022

A hand holding a rail wearing nude nail varnish 28/06/2022

What Is The Best Type Of Nail Polish For Healthy Nails?

If you invest a lot of time into caring for your nails, you’ll want to ensure that your nails remain at their healthiest regardless of the type of manicure you choose. In this blog, we’re exploring the best healthy nail polishes whilst providing you with our top tips on keeping your nails looking and feeling in good shape, so they’ll remain flawless every day. From the best non-toxic brands to our tips on caring for your nails daily, it’s never been easier to keep your natural nails looking at their... Read More

mavala treatments 01/06/2022
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The Top 10 Best Mavala Treatments For Weak Nails Now

The Mavala Nail Treatments offer you high quality and efficient nail treatments for all of your nail concerns! With the Mavala treatments, you can say “Goodbye!” to breaking or brittle nails! From treatments for weak and breaking nails to cuticle removers and moisturisers, Mavala offers some of the best nail care treatments! What’s more, you can explore the entire Mavala range at Nail Polish Direct! We offer our wide selection of Mavala Products with 15% off the retail price and Free UK Shipping on all orders! We also stock a... Read More