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Is gel polish bad for your nails?

Gel polish has so many benefits, it lasts longer, colours cure more vibrant and they give you a hassle-free manicure that lasts for weeks. But are gel polish formulas bad for your nails? No, not when you follow the proper after care advice. When applied and removed properly, the damage caused to your nails should be very minimal and easily solved with a treatment between services to keep your nails healthy and strong. Although gel polishes can be known to thin your nails and affect the strength of your nails,... Read More

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Glitterbels acrylics and gels

Glitterbels created by Nails by Annabel is one of our newest brands to arrive at Nail Polish Direct. The Glitterbels range includes highly pigmented Acrylic powders that are hard-wearing, finely milled and available in a flawless range of shades. Glitterbels acrylic powders are now available in a range of core shades such as Porcelain Cover, Nude Blush Cover, Soft White Cover, Peacherbel Cover, Pink Opal, Pink Opal Shimmer, Peacherbel Soft, Snowdrops White, and Glass Slippers. Glitterbels also offer a range of stunning glitter acrylic powder and coloured acrylic powder options.... Read More

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How to remove false nails

Acrylic nails and nail extensions make your nails look amazing! We all love a trip to the salon, but what do you do when you need to remove them from home? Whether it’s hard gels, acrylics, builder gels or gel polish, you can do all of this yourself from home with no hassle. Gel removal from home and acrylic nail removal from home requires a few products, a little patience and the know-how. First of all, you’ll need to remove the surface shine and the strong, hard layer over your... Read More