Nail Growth

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How to strengthen your nails

Achieve stronger, healthier nails with Nail Polish Direct. Are your nails feeling a little weak and thin? Nails that break easily can be a very common but unwanted side effect of wearing gel polish, builder gels and acrylic nails over time. When you come to soak off your enhancements, it’s always a little disheartening to see your nails are much less strong than they were before. Fortunately, just like your hair, your nails can be treated and will grow back! With supplements, the right nutrients and some amazing nail products,... Read More

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Orly BREATHABLE Super Bloom 2021 Spring Collection

When summer hits, flowers bloom and the world becomes a bit more colourful. ORLY’s brand new Summer 2021 Breathable nail polish collection, ORLY Super Bloom is filled with whimsical, light-hearted nail polish shades inspired by an over-saturated garden wonderland. Now is the perfect time to embrace vivid colour and vibrant floral inspired hues to give your nails a boost of Summer magic. Coral, periwinkle, and lilac shimmer nail polishes glisten like the morning dew on new petals as they’re greeted by the morning sun. While a soft, sky-blue créme nail polish creates... Read More

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How to make your nails grow faster

Want longer, stronger, healthier natural nails? We all love having our nails done and experimenting with gels, acrylics & builders, but sometimes it’s good to give your nails a breather. Like our hair, our nails can be boosted and stimulated to promote accelerated growth and overall health with the right nutrients. Look out for treatments that contain protein, calcium and keratin. These are the power ingredients that your hair and nails love. The protein that makes up the cells of your natural nail is called keratin, meaning it’s role in... Read More