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Floss Gloss

About Floss Gloss

Floss Gloss Ltd was founded by Aretha Sack and Janine Lee in San Francisco in 2011. After meeting in college at California College of the Arts, an instantaneous admiration for each other sparked as they bonded over fashion, music, colour and an obsession for everything nails. The ladies formed the nail crew ‘Floss Gloss’ after many late nights of painting and polish-mixing, rap music bumping and girl-time talking. Deemed Floss Gloss for nails that ‘Flossed and Glossed like a Boss’.

Aretha’s original, hard-to-find colours proved to be a hit in the female art school scene and validated the BFF’s pursuit to a nail lacquer brand all their own. After fortifying a foundation and network of respected American manufacturers within the nail polish industry, Floss Gloss took on it's true look. Complete with chic, luxurious packaging and professional, high quality lacquer, Floss Gloss was ready to change the nail game