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Celebrate Pride and Diversity Now With OPI Power Of Hue Collection!

Discover the true Power of Hue with this bold and colourful collection of summer nail polishes and gel nail varnishes! OPI introduces you to a summer collection of nail polish colours that are as versatile as prismatic. Explore the OPI Power of Hue Collection with us and find your favourite summer nail polish colour! The OPI Power of Hue Collection not only has a wonderful colour palette but a wonderful message behind it and in this blog, we will explore both! Table of Contents OPI Power of Hue Collection’s support... Read More

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Is Halo Gel Polish Luxury Awaits the Best Summer Collection?

The new Halo Gel Polish Luxury Awaits Collection includes some of the best gel nail polish colours for this summer season! With warm tones of orange and pink, this new collection of Halo gel polish is the perfect addition to any collection of gel nail varnishes. This summer, it is all about bright, saturated nail polish colours that are as “mood-lifting” as they are perfect for creating the best summer manicures and pedicures! What’s more, the Halo Luxury Awaits collection includes six of the hottest nail colours for 2022! In... Read More

A light and dark skinned hand intertwined wearing pink nail polish 10/05/2022

The 7 Best Nail Colours For Your Skin Tone In 2022

A new year brings lots of new nail trends, colours and ideas. There’s nothing more exciting than picking out the next colour for your mani. We’ve rounded up our favourite on-trend shades for the year ahead, from bold brights to neutral hues. So, whatever your nail preference, there’s surely a shade to suit it. But before we browse these delectable nail colours, let’s break down the best shade pairings for your skin tone to discover which shades you should shop to suit your complexion. How should I pick out the... Read More

CND Vinylux top coat 03/05/2022
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5 Top Tips On How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

After you’ve spent time and effort perfecting your at-home manicure, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your nail polish chip, lift or flake. If you’re someone that spends time researching the latest nail trends to recreate at home, you’ll want to make sure that your nail designs stay in place for as long as possible.  We’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for making your nail polish last longer. We’re listing our dos and don’ts to guarantee blemish-free, fabulous and flawless nails using classic nail polish. Table of contents How... Read More

how to make nail polish dry fast - light nail polish against dark skin 03/05/2022
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Top Tips On How To Dry Nail Polish Fast

Time to freshen your nails up at home? There’s nothing better than a freshly painted set of nails, but the problem with using nail polish at home is that your nails can take a long time to dry. But don’t let that put you off! Read on for our top nail polish drying hacks, and get ready for smooth, smudge-free nails without the wait! Table of Contents: Why does nail polish take so long to dry? What are the best products to speed up the drying process? Quick-drying top coat... Read More

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Top Tips On How To File Your Nails

It’s important to file and shape your nails correctly to keep them in the best possible condition and prevent them from snapping, snagging, or breaking. Whether you’re using files to shape builder gels,  sculpt nail enhancements or to keep your natural nails in shape, we break down the best tools and techniques to keep your nails looking and feeling fresh.  Table of Contents: The best way to file your nails Which nail file should I use? Why should I use nail oil? How to file your nails step by step... Read More

how to push back your cuticles 06/04/2022

Top Tips On How To Push Back Your Cuticles

A necessary part of your manicure routine, cuticle care is important for achieving perfect nails. Removing unwanted skin from around your nails and nail bed leaves you with the perfect base for a flawless manicure. It also helps to prevent bacterial infections, split cuticles, and hangnails.  Here are our top tips on how to keep your cuticles in check and maintain fabulous, healthy nails! Table of contents: What is the cuticle? Should I push my cuticles back? How can I push my cuticles back? How often should I push back... Read More

cruelty free nail polishes (1) 09/03/2022

The 7 Best Cruelty-Free Nail Polishes On The Market In 2022

Gone are the days when you’d have to compromise on your ethics to get the nail polish you wanted.  Today’s consumers don’t want to choose between style and sustainability, with 97% of UK shoppers saying they want more vegan cosmetics and toiletries. This demand has been met by a huge number of stylish and ethically-sourced products. From vegan to halal nail polishes, there are more cruelty-free options to choose from than ever.  It’s estimated that the vegan cosmetics market’s value will exceed $20 billion in the next five years, while... Read More

how to strengthen your nails 28/02/2022
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Here’s How To Strengthen Your Nails

Are your nails feeling a little weak and thin?  Nails that break easily can be a very common but unwanted side effect of wearing gel polish, builder gels and acrylic nails over time.  When you come to soak off your enhancements, it’s always a little disheartening to see your nails are much less strong than they were before. Fortunately, with the right care, your nails will grow back stronger!  Follow our top tips on how to strengthen your nails and improve your overall nail health! Table of Contents: How to... Read More

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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Bored of your nails even though it’s only been a week since you last got them done? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this step by step process on how to remove gel nail polish at home, without damaging the natural nail. Gel nail polish removal is an easy and completely doable process to do from home, without any fear of pain or mess. Things you will need to remove gel nails at home: Nail file Acetone Lint Free Wipes or Remover Wraps Cuticle Pusher Nail Treatments Cuticle Oil... Read More