Our First Memory – International Nail Polish Day #NPD18

1 June, 2018

Originally founded by beloved and behemoth nail care company essie, the brand declared 01-06-18 as National Nail Polish Day – created on the celebration of the beginning of the nail-care season when everyone will be showing off their freshly painted nails.

The Day

Why not invent a day just for nail polish? There’s almost a celebration for everything nowadays. But how do we celebrate this memorable holiday?

With a manicure or pedicure, of course! I mean, the day does provide us with every shade under the sun – so it would be rude not to.

But here’s the exciting news, you can join the team at NPD in celebrating the universal love of nail polish on National Nail Polish Day by sharing your manicures, favourite hues and your personal stories on how you discovered the colourful world of nail polish.

Simply use the tag #NPD18 and follow us on our social media to see what we get up to, after all it is our day!


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International Nail Polish Day X NPD

As a professional nail company, now with over 90 brands on board – we wanted to do something special this International Nail Polish Day – so we asked eight NPD staffers to share their first experience of nail polish.

International Nail Polish Day is very important to us here at Nail Polish Direct, after all nail polish is the heart & soul of everything we do & continue to do. The day means that we get to celebrate us, together, as a family and be proud of where we stand within the nail industry.

Mamps, CEO

My first experience of nail polish goes back to when Nail Polish Direct’s retail store was built from scratch back in 2008, I must have been about 18 years old.

We sold an endless variety of Hair & Beauty products, which brings me onto my discovery of nail polish. I remember when we first started to introduce nail brands into our store & I got given the lucky job of having to choose 148 colours from 400 shades, this was for our first ever nail brand so the pressure was on – I remember how hard it was & how I was thinking to myself how am I going to make this decision.

Hours went on & I did it! Now, 10 years later, we stock over 10,000 nail polishes on our online store – and if I am being completely honest it’s just as hard now as it was back in the day.

Favourite Nail Polish: ‘Pick Me Up’ by ORLY.

Pro Tip: Moisturiser is key, I personally use Hand!SPA Nice Day Deep Moisturising Hand Lotion by Alessandro, it’s perfect for providing deep hydration to the skin.

Georgia, Executive Assistant

How could I forget? I was around the age of 9 and I had a serious passion for everything nails, especially neon’s and shimmers – I still do.

I remember coming across a store in Loughborough called ‘Blush’ one day, after searching the shop from entrance to end – I picked out some bright, glittery polishes. I remember carrying lacquers in one hand & all of my pocket money in the other to the checkout, where I was served by the director of Nail Polish Direct.

Experimenting with different colours & trying new textures was something I loved doing, so every week I would save all my pocket money & go to Blush on a Saturday with my sister to purchase more nail polishes to add to my forever expanding collection.

To this day, I am still as obsessed as I was then – and well my nail polish stash is pretty big.

Favourite Nail Polish: ’Devil Wears Nada’ by ARTISTIC COLOUR GLOSS.

Pro Tip: I recommend slotting a good cuticle oil into your weekly manicure or pedicure. For long-lasting results I use OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil.

Megan, Head Of Design

One of my earliest memories of nail polish was when I borrowed one of my mum’s lacquers, I was 10 years old at the time. I remember it being a deep red, I loved it.

I was over-the-moon with my new tips & wanted to show all of my friends at school my new masterpiece, because who wouldn’t – so the next day I went into school with my nails held high. But, before I even got the chance to share my new manicure with everyone I was made to take it all off. Urgh!

You weren’t allowed to wear nail polish to school, I mean lame rule – right? But now, I can wear whatever nail polish I want – no matter how bright or bold it is. That’s one of the many perks of working at Nail Polish Direct.

Favourite Nail Polish: ‘Mod About You’ by OPI.

Pro Tip: Always invest in a good treatment. My go-to has to be Jessica Critical Care Base Coat and Top Coat, it literally breathes life into your nails.

Lauren, Marketing Executive

As a child, I was never a huge fan of nail polish – I know it sounds very hypocritical considering I work at Nail Polish Direct. But that’s all in the past now.

It all changed when I turned 7, and I recognised that all of my school friends were wearing this crackle-effect nail polish. I wanted it, so the next weekend I asked my parents to take me to the shops to find this new discovery I had made. To my delight, I found them in a close-by store in Loughborough – called ‘Blush’.

I remember picking up every single shade I could get my hands on, I wanted to try them all. When I got home with all my new nail polishes, I was eager to try them all – so I started swiping them all on, one after the other. It wasn’t working, I didn’t understand why it didn’t look anything like my friends nails. Why wouldn’t it work for me, was I doing it wrong? The following week I returned to school & told all my friends about what had happened, I was doing it all wrong!

After that, I didn’t really ever bother to paint my nails again – unless my mum offered of course.

Favourite Nail Polish: ‘Boho Babes’ by JESSICA.

Pro Tip: If you’re like me & end up getting your nail polish in unwanted places, try MoYou London Liquid Latex Cuticle Guard – it keeps your cuticles free of nail polish, it’s easy to apply and it simply peels off once you have finished applying your colour.

Samantha, Marketing Assistant

7, was how old I was when my first memory of nail polish took place.

My mum’s best-friend used to come round quite a lot, well she still does actually. But I remember this particularly time like it was only yesterday. She had recently purchased some nail polishes from avon, I remember them because of how disgusting I thought they were. But anyway, that didn’t stop me from wanting them on my nails too – so my wish was her demand.

I watched her very carefully & patiently as she gently painted a couple of strokes of the pearlescent polish onto one nail at a time. When she had finished applying the colour, I allowed it to dry – but to my disappointment she had missed all the edges! I wasn’t happy, but I accepted it anyway – because I was so happy to of tried this new product that my mum and her friend seemed so happy about.

Now, I take lots of time on maintaining my nails & ensuring that each nail is sealed with flawless colour – if anything my first nail polish experience has made me a complete perfectionist in everything that I do!

Favourite Nail Polish: ’Missy’ by ZOYA.

Pro Tip: A well-filed nail is a must, for strong, long & healthy nails. I love using the NPD White Polar Professional Straight Nail File 80/80, for a clean and shiny finish.

Shannon, Customer Service Advisor

It’s kind of weird that I ended up working in a job that requires me to live and breathe everything nails, because I didn’t actually start wearing nail polish until I was about 16 – that’s only because I couldn’t paint my own nails.

But that has never stopped me from buying abundances of nail polish, my addiction started at the age of 12. There was nothing better than purchasing a new nail polish every Saturday with my sister Georgia, from Blush. We would both save & save all week and then treat ourselves every weekend to a new lacquer, or two – well it was probably more than that too.

And it didn’t stop there, to this day I still take lots of pride in my nails. It’s my job!

Favourite Nail Polish: ‘Tiger Blossom’ by GELISH.

Pro Tip: Take it from me, I know how important it is to give your nails a break from gel and acrylics – which is why I use OPI Gel Break. It’s a three-step system that repairs your damaged nails and strengthens them in the process.

Paige, Buyer

My first nail polish experience began one Christmas morning, I was around the age of 6 when I unwrapped my first ever makeup kit. To my excitement it was packed with all things nails and lots of glittery polishes, which were my ultimate favourite – they probably still are to this day.

At that age I wasn’t old enough to paint my own nails, but as a treat every other weekend, me and my mum would sit for hours on end doing each others hair & makeup – then she would treat me to a little manicure & pedicure. These were the best times.

Obviously you weren’t allowed to wear nail polish to school, so my mum would help me remove every little trace of it before it was time to hit the books – but little did they know that it was still on my toes!

Favourite Nail Polish: ‘Gummi’ by CND VINYLUX.

Pro Tip: My guilty pleasure, is having acrylic nails – but I can’t stress to you how important it is that you don’t abuse them. Only have them applied for special occasions & treat your nails in-between removals, when not wearing artificial nails I swear by Nailtiques Formula 2 – it’s a highly effective treatment for soft, peeling and split nails. AKA a complete god sent!

Erica, Admin Administrator

Mine would be more suitable named ‘my first memory in a nail salon’, because that’s the only place I remember seeing nail polish everywhere – and I mean absolutely everywhere!

My mum always used to love to go treat herself once in a while to a fresh-out-the-salon manicure and pedicure, so like daughters do – I would accompany her every single time. Which meant a little polish-and-go for me too, which I would never complain about. I was around the age of 8 when I had my first ever trip to the nail salon, and it was certainly not my last – it was & still is my favourite place to be.

It’s funny because I always remember picking out the most glittery pinks that I could find. But, today if somebody tried to paint my nails pink then I actually believe that I would have a mental breakdown – darker and more subtle shades are definitely a strong favourite now.

Favourite Nail Polish: ’2AM In Hollywood’ by CUCCIO VENEER.

Pro Tip: For perfect application, always ensure your nails are prepped and ready. At the moment I am using Zoya Remove+, which thoroughly cleans the nail bed.

But what was your first experience of nail polish? Let us know! #essielove

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