Top 10 Handbag Essentials

Top 10 Handbag Manicure Essentials at Nail Polish Direct

We all know that during summer, it is an essential to have your nails fresh and manicure looking perfect at all times.
So at Nail Polish Direct we have put together our top ten trending nail products, perfect to put in your handbag to keep everything in place on the go.

Because as girls, fitting everything you think you might need on a daily basis into your bag can definitely be a talent, but with our ten nail product essentials, not only will your nails and hands be looking healthy for Summer, but you will still have room in your bag for everything else you need. When putting our Top 10 together, it was a big factor of ours to make the ten products we picked a good size to ensure that your favourite nail essentials are convenient and easy to carry around with you at all times. We also wanted to make sure these products would actually improve your nail care routine and keep your manicure lasting longer.

So here are our top ten favorites!

One of the first products we picked was a natural nude nail polish, simple, classy but still a statement shade. We chose this as we feel every girl needs a go to nude, not only for work but for the weekends too, and this is definitely one of our favourite summer nudes at the minute. Orly ‘Coffee Break’ is a versatile neutral taupe and a stunning handbag essential.

As well as a nude polish, we also wanted to add a summer favourite shade of ours, just for a pop of colour to your over all look. For this shade we picked  ‘Capri’ by Essie, a beautiful bright summer coral shade to make you feel that little bit more fresh and summery even during the weekdays.

We also wanted to include a go-to travel size hand lotion, because for us having a small product like this with you, especially in the summer, keeps your hands from feeling dry and chapped. Instead they will feel moisturized and smelling fresh at all times. We picked one of our trending hands lotions at the minute and. This is OPI Avojuice, a non sticky formula with a gorgeous fresh smell, to get you feeling the summer vibes!

We all know that having to remove nail polish can be a nightmare and a messy process, but if you are like us and still want to go through 5 shades a week, the Nails Inc Remover Pot is the perfect product for you! This is such a simple but extremely handy product. You can just pop in your bag and remove and swap shades in less than 30 seconds, making removing nail polish a lot quicker and a lot less hassle, just a dip and you’re ready for a new summer shade.

Sometimes we want to give our natural nails a bit of care on the go, which is why we included CND’s Rescue RXX Treatment, a highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin Protein and moisturizing Jojoba Oil as well as strengthening your nails, in just 3 strokes.

Keeping our nails maintained and nourished is a must for healthy looking cuticles and a longer lasting manicure, which is why the Cuccio’s revitalizing ‘Cuticle Oil‘ is a very important product to save you from dry nails and cuticle issues, especially in the summer. Not only this, but it’s small and easy to carry around so it’s perfect to fit in your handbag.

If you’re like us and you seem to always smudge your nails after painting them, maybe you have 10 minutes before going out and want a fresh new colour? This is why we added a ‘dry on the go’ product by China glaze. It’s the perfect handbag size and is just the product you need to stop those smudge marks ruining your look. So, no more smudged polish and more nail polishes instead.

A sleek and shiny manicure just makes you feel like bit more glam, so we picked one of our favorite salon quality top coats, CND’S Weekly Topcoat.  This is a highly effective and long-lasting product that you apply over any nail colour or just your natural nail to give it that super shiny overall look. Make your nails the center of attention at all times with this must-have, super glossy top coat.

Protecting your nails is a must, especially when you are a girl who loves a variety of colours, so using a base-coat is very important in your manicure routine. At Nail Polish Direct, one of our must haves is Zoya’s ‘Anchor Base Coat’ the perfect product for protecting your nails against any colour stains and stops your nails from drying out at the same time.

The final product we picked, we believe nearly everyone should have with them at all times. OPI’s crystal nail file. This is a handy product to carry with you in case of any nail splits or any breakages. Change up your nail shape on the go and keep your nails perfectly filed at all times.

So, all that’s left is to experiment, paint and enjoy! And don’t forget to show us your new and improved hand bags…

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