Easy Mistakes to make when it comes to your Nails


This might be a must for you when it comes to your nail care, or it might be something you just seem to forget each time. But don’t worry we are all guilty of rushing sometimes and forgetting to do this important step. Believe it or not but your nails and fingers carry some of the most harmful germs and bacteria on your body, so by not cleaning your nails and tools, this is allowing germs and bacteria to spread and carried around each time. But there is an easy way of preventing this with our help. Products like the The Edge Nails Fast Drying Hand Disinfectant and Tool sanitizer, these are two handy products, one to apply each time to your tools before and after you’re using them, this gets rid of any germs and kill’s any bacteria so there is no chance of cross contamination. Just simply spray directly on to them and let it do its magic. As well a this, is the hand spray, just like the tool sanitizer, just spray directly on to yours or your clients hands or even feet before and after your treatment. This will also kill any germs and make sure your skin are perfect and clean . It’s never been so simple!

Not using a base and top coat ..

Base and Top coats, something we can say we don’t always use during our manicure. Maybe it’s because you are rushing to get that shade on your nails for a night out, or just don’t know the benefits of using them. So to give you a little idea. By applying a base coat to your nails, this will not only give your natural nails the well deserved treatment it needs, keeping them hydrated and glossy, but by just by applying a thin layer of a base coat your manicure will last you up to one week longer than without. Who wouldn’t want that? And this is the same with a top coat, you will get that longer lasting manicure with no chipping or peeling, just think of it like a protective layer, so when you are working, doing jobs or just everyday activities, you know you will keep the perfect dream manicure.

Applying thick coats of Nail Polish

We all want a perfect high pigmented streak free manicure when it comes to painting our nails, so it can be really easy to apply thicker coats of nail polish on to your nails to try and achieve this. However, this is actually making it more difficult for you.. This is because when you apply thick coats of polish, it takes twice as long to dry, approximately around six to seven minutes per coat, which we all know in a recipe for smudges, especially when you have somewhere to be or things to do. So to avoid this, the best thing to do when it comes to painting your nails is to apply three/four thin coats of polish depending on the colour, and this will still give you a high coverage nail without loading on the layers. Just finish off with a top coat and some cuticle oil around the nail bed and you are good to go, without any smudges.

Filing the right way

filing your nails can be that little thing we all love or find ourselves doing to pass the time, but it might actually not be benefiting your nails… By filing your nails back and forth with your file, this is actually damaging your nails, this is because it causes small cracks to appear in your natural nail tips, so you seem to be left with an uneven surface which becomes ten times harder to apply nail polish to because of the rough surface. But it also weakens your natural nail, causing them to split and break a lot easier. Which no one wants… So to prevent this, filing should be done in one way direction in a circular motions very gently and carefully, so you don’t have to suffer with weak nails and you wont have to over spend on nail products to try to strengthen them. From Foam to crystal files, we have something for everyone to pop in their hand bag and carry on the go.. So take a look.

Not applying polish under the edges

Not just painting your nail base is important but painting under the edge of your nails is as well. This is because, by coating underneath of the nails and not just stopped at the tip of the nail, it will prevent your manicure from flaking and chipping during certain activities that use water. Such as washing up, everyday around the house jobs or being in the shower, these activities cause water to get trapped between the nail and the nail polish causing it to lift and chip at the top edges of your nails and ruining your fresh new manicure. So by capping the edges, this will seal that area completely and will help your manicure last up to five days longer.

Shaking the Nail Polish Bottle

Shaking your nail polish bottle.. Something we all have done or might do now. A lot of people believe that by shaking your polish before applying it, this will distribute the colour evenly on the nails giving it a high pigment, especially when it is running low. However by shaking your nil polish bottle you are mixing the trapped air in the bottle with the nail polish, this causes tiny bubbles to appear, so when it comes to painting these will transfer on to your nails, leaving you with an uneven manicure that no one wants. So to avoid this and get the best possible manicure, instead of shaking your polish before using it, roll the bottle slowly and horizontally in your hands, and you can avoid those tiny bubbles forever.


We are all guilty of cutting our cuticle during our at home manicure, however this can be a dangerous thing to do. This is because when the cuticle around the nails are cut into, it leaves unprotected cuts to open and even become infected. As well as this, when the cuticle start to grow back you will notice they look very flaky and messy, which will just ruin your overall manicure. However if you want that perfect pushed down cuticle look, instead of cutting them use a rosewood stick or a cuticle pusher and gently push them back, this will prevent your nails from becoming infected and you will still achieve that beautiful perfect nail bed look that we all want.

From the NPD team x

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