How to paint your own toes perfectly

Summer is coming and we all know what that means! It’s your toes’ time to shine. Get your feet out with pride and learn how to paint your toes perfectly so that you’ll be the first one strutting down the street in sandals this season. Embrace new beginnings and treat your toes to a pedicure upgrade with our pedi-picks.

First of all you’ll need to make sure your toes are trimmed, filed, buffed and that the excess skin that grows from your toe’s nail bed is removed. Try using a liquid gel cuticle remover such as The Edge Nails Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Remover Serum ,Mavala Cuticle Remover Softens & Helps Remove Overgrown Cuticles 10ml, CND vinylux Service Essentials – Cuticle Away Professional Cuticle Remover 177ml or Orly Cutique Cuticle Remover 9ml (OR512). Your cuticle remover will gently remove dead tissue from cuticles, making them soft and pliable ready to remove with an orange wood stock or cuticle pusher. Cuticle removing gels are an amazing hack for the perfect pedicure and will give you a clean base that also removes stains from nails.

Before you start painting, it’s a great idea to use some toe separators to avoid polish smudging. They’re a small foamy device that are inexpensive to buy and indisposable for a perfect pedi. Simply slot them in-between each toe and get ready to paint. As with a manicure, you’ll need a base coat. This will ensure your polish stays on for longer. Our most popular base coats include OPI Nail Polish – Natural Nail Base Coat (NT T10) 15ml,CND vinylux Anchoring Base Coat – Stickey 9.8ml , Cuccio Nail Solutions Advanced Base Coat Colour Polish 13ml  and Zoya Strengthen Your Nails – Anchor Basecoat 15ml (AN.5). Next up is the fun part! Choose you favourite nail polish colour whether it be OPI, CND Vinylux, Zoya, Nails Inc, China Glaze or Jessica, this is where you give your pedicure your own individual touch. Our professional nail lacquers are long wearing, provide chip-free wear and come in a range of unique shades so that you’re sure to find the perfect polish for your toes in no time. Apply your nail polish to your toes in thin even coats with up to three coats maximum. Allow each layer to dry fully in-between painting. If you’d like to speed up the process and avoid your toe nails smudging, try a fast drying spray for fast dry drops such as Orly Sec’n Dry Quick Dry 9ml,Jessica Quick Dry 60 Second Topcoat 14.8ml, Sally Hansen Dry In 60 Seconds – Insta Dri Topcoat 13ml (51177) or China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry 14ml (70268).

Top off your pedicure with a glossy top coat to seal in your colour and make your toes shimmer for longer. Apply your topcoat to your toes in thin layers and cap the edges. Choose from our range of best-selling long lasting top coats such as Seche Vite Nail Treatment – Dry Fast Top Coat 3.6mL (83148), OPI Natural Nail Top Coat 15ml (NT T30), OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects ProStay Technology – Gloss (IST31) 15ml and Jessica Brilliance High Gloss Non Chip Topcoat 14.8ml.

Add a drop of cuticle oil and you’re good to go. Moisturise your feet with a luxurious body butter or foot moisturiser for a silky smooth pedicure. If you find that your toes need a little extra TLC before starting with problems such as cracked heels, dry skin or foot odour, take a look at Footlogix now at Nail Polish Direct who provide a range that cares for all types of feet problems to get you on track for the perfect pedicure you’ve been wanting! Every foot can look beautiful this Summer and we’re here to help.

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