Is gel polish bad for your nails?

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Gel polish has so many benefits, it lasts longer, colours cure more vibrant and they give you a hassle-free manicure that lasts for weeks. But are gel polish formulas bad for your nails? No, not when you follow the proper after care advice. When applied and removed properly, the damage caused to your nails should be very minimal and easily solved with a treatment between services to keep your nails healthy and strong. Although gel polishes can be known to thin your nails and affect the strength of your nails, this is all in the the removal process. You can avoid damage completely by ensuring you follow the proper procedure to taking your gels off. This means no picking, no pulling and no peeling! It’s so tempting to peel off your gels when they start to lift, don’t worry we do it too. But if you can resist and wait until you get home your nails really will thank you for it.

When removing your gels, make sure you soak in an acetone remover. Foil wraps work best for gels and we have plenty online for you to choose from. Remove soak-off enhancements with minimal mess by using a kit or wraps and give your gel polish the chance to properly dissolve rather than pulling it away from your nails. This will stop any layers of your nails getting pulled off along with the gel polish and keep your natural nails in tact underneath. You may even find that they grow better with gel polish as they are much more protected and break less easily. If you need a little help or assistance, your nail tech will always be happy to remove them for you. All nail technicians will offer a removal service where they will be able to remove your gels and perform a classic nail polish manicure so that you can keep your nails looking amazing with no fuss. We always advise wearing a nail treatment on bare nails, especially after gel polish removal. This will keep your nails protected and replenish any moisture that has been lost in the soak-off process.

You can wear gel polish with confidence and make sure you remove them properly to avoid any damage. Wear a strengthening treatment whenever your nails are bare and try a calcium enriched builder gel that you can cure such as Cuccio Brush On Builder as your base to help your nails grow whilst wearing gels.

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