LED/UV Gel Nail Polish Application

Achieve a perfect manicure this Summer

Gel nails… the manicure method that creates perfect nails with a long-lasting finish. With gel nail polish, you can achieve highly pigmented, chip-free nails that can last up to three weeks with a shiny and flawless finish. Not just this, but gel polish has been formulated to give as much colour as possible with just two thin coats when cured by an LED/UV lamp. So this Summer, we want to help you out. That last week before your holiday, party or a big event can be rushed! Getting everything ready from your nails and your beauty routine to your outfits and still carrying on with everyday life can be stressful.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve perfect fingers and toes yourself from the comfort of your own home?! Learn the art of gel nails and see whether you think you could become your own personal nail technician! With some key products, we have put together a YouTube video showing you how easy it is to create those stunning Gel nails from your own home, when you don’t have time to leave the house and want to spend as little as possible but still with top high quality products that will pay off. Once you invest in a UV/LED gel lamp and your staple gel products such as a nail surface cleanser and your gel top and base, you’ll become a pro in no time. Follow our simple step-by-step guide for beautiful gel nails that last!


Cleanse the nail

Starting with bare nails, you need to prep each nail by wiping a cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser over the nail to remove any excess oils or residue.

Apply your base

Apply the base coat in a thin layer on each nail. This will create an adhesive bond to your nail and ensure that your gel nail colour does not damage or stain your natural nail. Cure each hand under your LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds – 60 seconds*.

Apply your colour in 1-2 coats

Apply a very thin layer of gel colour to each nail avoiding the cuticles. Make sure you cap the tips. Cure each hand under your LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds – 60 seconds*. Once your nails are fully dry, repeat this step with another very thin layer of gel polish. If your layers are very thin and even, your manicure will last. Cure each hand again.


Apply your top coat

Apply a thin layer of gel top coat to each nail to give a high shine, glossy and chip-free finish. Cure each hand under your LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds – 60 seconds*.


Cleanse the nail

Once your manicure is complete and fully dry, wipe a cotton pad soaked in cleanser over each nail to remove any residue or tackiness.


Apply cuticle oil

Wait at least a minute after cleansing your nails and apply a small drop of cuticle oil to each nail. This will hydrate, nourish and replenish your nails for a beautiful gel manicure that lasts.


NPD Top tips: It is so important to cleanse the nails before and after your gel manicure, this is because having a clean nail with no oils or products on before applying your gel polish will make sure everything cures onto the nail properly and doesn’t peel or chip off straight away. As well as this, cleansing the nails after application by wiping over the nails with a cotton pad will assures a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without drying to the skin out. You are left with the perfect finished manicure. For this process we used the Gelish Gel System Nail Surface Cleanser. This salon qaulity product is not just a professional system but, will give you that salon quality manicure that lasts from your own home at a affordable price.

Looking for the perfect, bright summer holiday shade this year? We have it! To add the finishing touches to this Gel manicure tutorial, we decided to use Orchid from Halo, a stunning bright bold purple, that gives off gorgeous neon vibes paired with a holiday tan. We wanted to use a colour that just screams Summer and this shade was definitely calling. Just with two thin coats, this shade has a highly pigmented finish with a high glossy once the top coat is added. Just cure each coat under an LED light for around 30 seconds. And don’t worry about having to wait and then smudging your nails, because once cured your nails will be completely dry in under 5 minutes. It’s perfect.

All gel polishes require curing under a UV/LED lamp. The curing times can vary from brand to brand. Please be advised that is it always recomended to visit a licenced nail technician for a professional gel manicure. It is also always advised to use products all created by the same brand for a gel manicure. However we have demonstrated with a variety as we know nail lovers will have their favourite products and a diverse collection of nail products.

Don’t forget to head over to our YouTube channel, and check out the full Gel application video and get that stunning new gel manicure this summer with our help.

From the NPD Team x

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