Is gel polish better than regular polish?

Is gel polish better than regular nail polish? Yes, gel polish lasts longer, has a higher quality finish and is considered better. Gel polish also dries instantly upon curing meaning most salons take preference of gel polish over classic nail polish. This allows for a faster service time, and a higher quality finish for the nail technician and client with results that last much longer.

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Whilst there is still a market for nail polish, this now appeals more to the at-home customers. Nail polish does have it’s benefits as its very easy to apply and remove and much cheaper to buy as you don’t need the LED/UV lamp or the prep products required. When you wish to remove your nail polish you can do so quickly and easily with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.

The popularity of LED/UV gel polish has risen steeply in the last two years. With more and more products of a different price point on the market, doing your own gels at home is now an option that is affordable making gel nails even more popular. Not just in the salons, but now at home too! A gel manicure offers much longer lasting results with your nail colour staying in tact on the nail for weeks, the polish won’t chip away or peel if applied properly and your nails can grow uninterrupted whilst wearing the gel polish as they are much less prone to breakages. Gel polish is also great for busy individuals on the go who like to keep their nails polished and groomed without worrying about changing colours or their nails chipping throughout the day.

Necessary prep products for gel nails include the an LED/UV lamp, a curable top and base coat, cleansing solution, nail files and buffers and lint free wipes. If you’re willing to invest in a lamp and all the prep products, and have a little patience to soak off your nails properly at the end of their 3-4 week cycle, gel nails really are the way forward!

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