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DND Nails 

When it comes to new arrivals at nail polish direct this is one that everyone is going crazy for. Founded in 2011, DND was created in the USA, where they made it their mission to create not just a regular polish but also a gel one, both that would share the same top quality’s. They have been formulated to apply just like a regular nail lacquer but also last up to 14 days just like a gel polish with no chipping or peeling through out. These highly pigmented polishes, have been improved and created into a wide colour palette with something for everyone and anyone, from glitters, marble effects, cream finishes and any colour you could possibly ask for. This salon professional brand is catching all of our eyes this summer so not only can you now rock a new high quality polish on you nails but it is also vegan and cruelty free.

Due Sets

In the DND due’s you will receive not only a nail polish but a gel polish as well, both these polishes will give off the same shade on your nails, however the regular nail polish will give off a brilliant fully coverage colour with top quality pigment, so you don’t have to worry about a light opaque shade from now on. It will also share the same quality’s as a gel polish in the sense that it will last up to 14 days with no chipping or peeling, so if you want that gel lasting quality but without applying gels this is perfect for you. With the gel polish, this will also last you up to 14 days so there is no need for top ups. However different from the nail lacquer, this quality polish will have to be cured with a UV or LED lamp to give off a high shine overall finish as well as a long lasting pigment to the nails, so it’s completely up to you, gel or nail polish they will both will give you a dream vegan/cruelty free manicure that everyone wants this summer.

DND Duo Gel & Nail Polish Set – Pinky Star


This glam due is all about the sparkle with it’s pink polish, and a hint of holographic glitters, for a full eye catching finish. Change it up, whether you are in a rush but still want that dream manicure to apply on the go quick and easy, than the nail polish is for you. Or if you want that glossy glitter manicure to apply during your pamper session than gels could be the one. Just remember you will get the same gorgeous finish of high sparkle and glitter with both, and the same pigment and coverage that will last you up to 14 days with no chipping. But at least you have the option, all for under £10. It’s a win win.

Want to see more stunning shades from DND, check them out on our website before they are gone. We can promise you, this is a must for everyone’s nails.

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