Malibu Dreams with OPI – OPI Summer 2021 Malibu Collection

It’s time for OPI’s long awaited 2021 Summer Collection. We always love seeing what OPI release each season and with it being their 40th anniversary, this Summer is based on the luxury destination of Malibu. Wouldn’t we all love to be there right now! Think sandy warm beaches, swaying palm trees and home to the rich and famous – it really is a place like no other that offers the finer things in life. What we love about the Malibu theme is what is makes us think of… taking ourselves out of the hustle and bustle and relaxing in the sunshine with a cocktail or a fresh fruit smoothie. Focus on the things that really make you happy, the sunshine on your skin, music, friends and swimming in the glistening sea. OPI have embodied all of the good vibes with this one and released each shade in their classic OPI nail polish formula, OPI Infinite Shine formula and LED/UV OPI Gelcolor formula. Whether you love a classic polished mani or a glossy gel full set, we think this collection might just be the answer to your fresh Summer look if you’re more into the subtle, classy and understated nail styling. True to the theme, OPI’s twelve piece collection has a lovely mix of six brights and six nudes, finally something for everyone. This collection offsets the popular neon theme this Summer and gives a new set of options for your more natural days. Whilst we may not be able to holiday abroad right now, we can all indulge in some self care and get involved with these wonderful nail shades. Think dusky pinks, sunshine yellows, hazel purples and fresh mossy greens – the OPI 2021 Malibu Collection gives a unique and calming colour palette that really gets you in the mood for Summer with a chilled, relaxing vibe. Perfect!

Let’s start with the six nudes. We were so excited to see these included in this season’s summer line-up. Far too often we’re overwhelmed with the brights and let’s face it, they’re not for everyone! Nude polishes are versatile, they go with every outfit, compliment Summer tans beautifully and don’t cause too much distress when they start to wear off. Is there anything more annoying than a chipped bright colour?! We think not! With OPI Bubble Bath being one of OPI’s all-time most loved shade, we’re always ready to welcome onboard some new nudes to see if any can contend. This dreamy line-up ranges from sheer glitter pink all the way to a sun kissed tan beige.

The Malibu nudes…

OPI From Dusk Til Dune has a semi opaque finish with a gentle shimmer. It’s described by OPI as ‘An effortless wash of soft pink that glitters like sand.’ This is the most feminine of the nudes with it’s pink-y finish. Pink shimmers always give us bridal vibes and we think this one will be a hit for those looking for a really light, glittery pink that leaves some of your natural nail showing through.

OPI Coastal Sand-tuary has a creme finish and is opaque in colour. No glitter in sight with this soothing vanilla creme. OPI’s description paints a lovely picture ‘Channel calming coastal sands with a creamy ivory that stands out.’ Comparable to ‘My Vampire is Buff’ this is a nice staple plain cream hue. Best paired with a golden Summer tan to avoid looking washed out.

OPI El-Matadoring You is another opaque creme. This more of a brown hue with warm coffee tones. OPI says it’s ‘A warm creamy neutral you’ll cave for.’ Inspired by the cliff-y seascape of Malibu, this is a lovely warm chocolate toned slightly muted polish. Think pastel beige!

OPI Endless Sun-ner is the warmest toned nude of them all and we would say our favourite. There isn’t an OPI shade like this one and we think it’s a well needed orange toned sun-kissed shade to bring your nude to life. OPI describes this one as ‘The perfect sun kissed tan that will make Summer feel all year round’. Not all nudes are flattering for all skin tones but this one definitely is! We love it.

OPI Cliffside Karaoke is the darkest nude of the selection. With a creme, opaque finish, OPI’s description goes like this ‘A dark brown creme that sings the praises of the cliffs’. We often find these deeper browns look very bold and striking. Slightly less subtle, slightly more statement. This is a rich shade that we’re sure you’ll love.

OPI Bonfire Serenade is ‘a creme brown that embodies the spirit of fireside guitar strings.’ It has a creme opaque finish like the other brown shades. The least warm of the nudes, we would say this is a slightly darker tone and muted in colour. Very similar to El-Matadoring You with more pigment.

Next up is the six bright shades featured in the Summer 2021 OPI Malibu Collection. These are a mix of vibrant and pastel so you can enjoy a pop of colour without feeling like it’s too much. OPI have really delivered with a mature colour palette this season without too many garish or off-putting colours. Following through with the zen feel of Malibu, there’s a calming sensation to these shades too. Let’s take a look…

The Malibu brights…

OPI Marigolden hour is ‘a warm yellow creme that will wrap you in a vibrant glow.’ Yellow hues for Summer are definitely gaining in popularity and we were happy to see this warm buttercup yellow featured. It’s light, bright and warming. This hue has a fully opaque finish in OPI’s classic creme formula.

OPI PCH Love Song has a little hint of shimmer. OPI describe this Summer shade as ‘A bold, shimmery orange that feels like you’re cruising into the sunset.’ Lovely and vibrant, this deep shimmer orange is deeply pigmented and striking for a proud and loud burnt orange look.

OPI Strawberry Waves Forever is a glittering cherry pink. This one is forecast to be the top selling hero shade! What do you think? OPI says ‘Feel the waves of strawberry waves glitter across your fingertips.’ A really rich sparkling pink, this colour packs plenty of punch. With an opaque finish, you’ll get a glossy full coverage for flawless wear.

OPI The Sound of Vibrance is the deepest of the brights in a royal glitter purple. OPI describes this shade as ‘Listen for the vibrations of this bold shimmery purple.’ It’s certainly bold! With a fully opaque coverage, you can enjoy multi-dimensional shimmer. We’ve seen a few OPI shades like this over the years, let’s see if this one stands out from the rest.

OPI Pear-adise Cove is a gorgeous mossy green with a real vibrant edge. What do OPI say? – ‘Escape with a vibrant green that pears perfectly with neutrals.’ With a fully opaque coverage and creme formula, this may be a popular one for French tips paired with a glossy nude. Something a little different. We really like this one can can’t wait to see it swatched!

OPI Mali-blue Shore is our final shade. This is another creme hue, OPI says ‘An unrestrained shade of blue that looks like a splash on your fingertips.’ The OPI Malibu Collection wouldn’t be complete with a sea inspired shade and this one is lovely and fresh. A muted pastel blue with a creme, opaque formula for a full coverage.

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Relax into the holiday season with this stunning selection and choose an OPI shade to suit your mood. Happy swatching!

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