CND 2021 Party Ready Collection

CND have dropped their new collection, perfect in time for fall! It’s described as ‘a modern twist on the glamorous classics’. We can definitely see that, with these 6 seasonal glam shades. These shades of polish unite to create the ultimate, elegant yet effortless look to transport you from a low-key gathering to a full on fancy night out.

This collection includes 6 polishes: ‘Glitter Sneakers’, a shimmering gold, ‘Signature Lipstick’, a stunning true romantic red, ‘Silk Slip Dress’, an everyday pale pink, ‘White Button Down’, a warm toned winter white shade, ‘Statement Earrings’, a glittery mauve and lastly ‘High Waisted Jeans’, a very deep dark navy.

The new collection is available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Brand Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish. Keep reading to see the latest polishes and swatches!

This golden glitter shade is perfect for the seasonal holidays. We wouldn’t recommend it as a polish on it’s own as it would take 4-5 coats to be fully opaque, but rather as a sheen of glitter over a base colour. It’s truly stunning, especially when the light hits the glitter!

Signature Lipstick is another shade that truly represents the colder seasons. It’s a deep maroon colour that feels warm and luxurious. Although it appears more red in the sun, in normal lighting it appears more of a burgundy/ maroon red, similar to the swatch shown above. It’s quite opaque in its application and fully covered the nails in two coats.

Silk Slip Dress is an everyday muted pale pink. Perfect for those that prefer a more subtle look on their nails. In terms of application, it took 3 coats to fully cover the nail, but you could also get away with two coats, depending on the desired look. This colour combined with the shade ‘Statement Earrings’ would work really well together to create a pink, sparkly look.

This off white shade called ‘White Button Down’ is the perfect creamy white colour. It’s more of a sheer colour so did take quite a few coats to be fully opaque, we’d suggest 3-4. This shade combined with ‘Glitter Sneakers’ would look stunning!

This shade ‘Statement Earrings’ might be one our faves from the collection! It’s a stunning brown-ish shade with some iridescent glitters mixed into it. It’s a stunning colour, especially when the light hits it. Just look at the swatches, it speaks for itself! This glitter polish was slightly more opaque and required less coats than the other glittery polish in the collection, ‘Glitter Sneakers’. It only took 3 coats to be fully opaque, but you may be able to get away with two.

And last in this collection, we have ‘High Waisted Jeans’, a very deep and dark navy. It’s fairly dark and in certain lights it almost looks black. Trust us when we say its a very deep and dark colour. When the light hits it right it does look stunning, like a deep dark ocean – scary yet captivating. This polish, although dark, did take three full coats to get a truly opaque look. You may be able to get away with two.

We love this collection and think it does perfectly represent the transition from an every day look to a glam party night look with it’s range of subtle and glitter polishes.

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