New Jessica ‘Meet for Drinks’ 2021 Collection

The Jessica Meet For Drinks 2021 Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Collection is a collection that gives your nails that amazing finish over the Autumn/Winter season. Offering your nails bold & shimmering shades. It’s time you gave your nails a break & enjoy some well deserved tlc. The six nail polishes are vegan friendly, cruelty free & 7 free. Keep reading to find out our thoughts on all these lovely polishes!

Pink Squirrel is a creamy pale pink, it appears more of a vibrant pink on camera but it’s more of a baby pink in natural lighting. It’s creamy and glides onto the nail easily with little patchiness or streaking. It only took two coats to be fully opaque on the nail but we did three for extra measure.

We love this deep dark colour ‘Adios MF’, it’s a dark iris blue. Similar to the polish above, it glides onto the nail with a creamy formula with no streaking or patchiness and is fully opaque after just two coats!

Kranberry Kiss is a stunning deep berry purple with cranberry undertones. It looks burgundy in some lights and more purple pink in others. It’s a great fall shade to add to your collection! In terms of application it’s smooth and buttery but required three coats to be fully opaque.

Me U & Hennessy is a deep bourbon brown and is a perfect fall shade! We’re obsessed with this deep dark warm brown and only took two coats to fully cover the nails.

Moose Milk is a warm milky creamy white. Despite being white shade (which can sometimes be thin, translucent and require many coats) it has quite good coverage with just one coat, we’d suggest two to three coats for optimum nail coverage though!

Moscow Mule is a champagne shimmery gold. Due to the shimmery nature of the polish we’d suggest being careful and clean with your application as it can be streaky in certain areas if you’re messy with the application process. This polish only requires two coats to be fully opaque but you can do three for optimum coverage.

And there we have it, the stunning Jessica ‘Meet for Drinks’ collection, available now on our site!

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