What are acrylic powders?

Have you been thinking about trying out acrylic powders for yourself? Let us run through all of the unanswered questions that you have about acrylic nail powders from what they do, to how they’re used, how long they last and which ones are popular right now.

More people have turned to doing their nails at home than ever before in recent months. Knowing your way around professional nail products and how to use them is crucial in improving your skills whether you’re a nail savvy consumer or a nail tech in practise. Acrylic powders are a great way of creating nail enhancements – this means extending the length of your natural nail! The effects look professional, lasts for weeks on end until they are soaked off and are the most durable type of nail extension. Applying acrylic powders are the most popular method nail technicians will use on your nails to create extensions.

Acrylic powders require a few extra items to be used. You will need nail tips and nail glue. This will act as the base for your acrylic powders. Before application make sure your nails are properly prepped with sanitiser, cleansing solution and dehydrator followed by a bonder. Prep the nail and apply your primer. Follow by sticking on your nail tip and cutting into the shape desired leaving plenty of room for shaping – this will be neatened up and properly sculpted later with your nail files. Nail tips are long allowing for room for you to create your own style and shape. Your tips will need trimming before you apply your acrylic powder. Leave a little extra space for you to file the length and shape. Once your tip is applied and dry just below the natural smile line around the top quarter of your nail, lightly buff over the surface of the join to smooth the gradient between your natural nail and the nail tip.

You’ll need a liquid monomer, your acrylic powder of choice and a dappen dish. This combines with the powder and creates a liquid gel with a liquid to powder ratio of 1:1. You will also need a sable brush to apply the acrylic to the nail. Dip your brush in a dappen dish filled with liquid monomer and then dip lightly, once into your acrylic powder to create a neat bead. This is what you then apply to the nail starting at the base of the nail and working upwards. Once you have a neat, even coverage of acrylic over each nail, allow to dry and buff the surface to make the overlay even. You can now shape your nails into your desired shape with a 150 nail file for acrylic nails.

It is essential that you have a good set of professional nail files and buffers with a range of grit strength. The nail files with LOW grit numbers such as 80 – 150 are for use on acrylic nails and nail enhancements only. If you are professionally trained, you may prefer to use a nail drill to shape and buff your acrylics.

Once you’ve completely finished application and shaping, depending on the colour of your powder, you may want to finish with a traditional gel polish or nail polish manicure regime. If your acrylic is tinted, all you’ll need is a regular or gel top coat. Acrylic powders alone do not require an LED or UV lamp as they dry naturally. If you’re applying a gel polish on top, you will need your LED/UV lamp. This is the best way to get a high shine, durable finish and you’ll need your gel base coat, gel colour and gel top coat with all cured layers finished with a wipe of cleanser and a drop of cuticle oil.

Your acrylic powder can be clear or tinted to a colour of your choice. If you haven’t tried acrylics before or are looking to build your collection from scratch, a starter kit may be the best choice for you!

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Popular acrylic powder starter kits:

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Popular acrylic powders:

Halo Gel Nails LED/UV Gel Polish Acrylic Powder – Clear 45g (N3311)

The Edge Nails Professional Acrylic Powder – Clear 8g

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