A Complete Breakdown Of The Zoya Dazzle Nail Polish Collection

The Zoya Dazzle Nail Polish Collection, consisting of five astonishing glitter nail polish shades, is festive enough to blow you away during the holidays and versatile enough to be worn throughout the new year. The Dazzle Nail Polish Collection will keep you spellbound for months. From light, pearlescent hues to dark, seductive shades, Dazzle is the perfect addition to your collection and a great fresh start for the year.

The Dazzle polishes are vegan and cruelty-free, causing no harm to you or the environment. Zoya is an environmentally conscious brand and an advocate for reducing Climate Change. Their nail polishes are made using recycled materials and offer a long-lasting and chip-free wear.


The Dazzle Nail Polish Collection starts with Alexis. A mirror effect, white glitter nail polish with a pearlescent sheen, Alexis is the more innocent of the shades. The nail polish is packed full of iridescent glitter that will make your nails look like a true Mother of Pearl.

Zoya Dazzle 2022 Nail Polish Collection – Alexis 15ml


Esme is next. A warm rose gold polish with copper glitter, Esme is tame but not shy. This shade has a glistening shimmer reminiscing of the glow before the sunset when the sky looks ablaze. This is one of the most versatile shades of the Dazzle Nail Polish Collection. It can be suitable to wear from winter to summer and back again.

Zoya Dazzle 2022 Nail Polish Collection – Esme 15ml


Sophia is a deep rouge nail polish with a captivating golden shimmer. This shade is classic red, with a twist. The glitter punch is what makes this shade special, the enthralling gold glisten brings you in and keeps you spellbound for days.

Zoya Dazzle 2022 Nail Polish Collection – Sophia 15ml


Similarly to Sophia, Marlena also has an enchanting golden glimmer. Marlena being a glittery azure shade, the golden hues in the shimmer bring out and compliment the beautiful aquamarine tones of this shade. Marlena the is wild, elfin one of the collection, with a true ephemeral quality to it.

Zoya Dazzle 2022 Nail Polish Collection – Marlena 15ml


Dominique is the sultry one. Its enticing glitter adds a lucent shine, juxtaposing the darker hues of the nail polish. Furthermore, the dusky amethyst shade is beautifully complemented by the golden lustre of the glitter, creating an equally alluring and ominous effect.

Zoya Dazzle 2022 Nail Polish Collection – Dominique 15ml

All the Zoya nail polishes have a smooth and opaque coverage. The pigmented, vegan and cruelty-free formulation creates a full-coverage finish in just two thin coats. The Zoya polishes are some of the most long-lasting varnishes, their shine lasting up to 7 days.


That is the Zoya Dazzle Collection complete breakdown. A charming and bewitching collection of top-quality nail polishes. The entire collection is packed full of hypnotizing glitter. Additionally, the versatile shades can be worn throughout the year, for every occasion or the simple times when your life lacks lustre and you need a little pick-me-up.

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