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Nail Polish Direct™ is the home of professional nail polish and your only destination for purchasing nail products online. We cater for all your nail needs with worldwide renowned products from the leading nail polish brands. Now one of the fastest growing businesses in the beauty category, we ensure that our range expands in accordance to the very latest collections and products on the market. Our business ethos is centred on providing the highest quality products at affordable prices whilst keeping a strong bond with our customers. Over years of development and hard work, Nail Polish Direct™ has formed invaluable relationships with a vast array of salon standard, professional brands from the likes of OPI,Halo Gel,Mavala, Gelish, Glitterbels, KiaraSky, Orly, NailBerry, DND, Jessica,China Glaze and many more. Now with over 90 brands on board, our partnerships enable us to make the very best nail polish formulas and the latest collections available to the British public as well as to professionals who use our products all over the world. We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support as we strive to provide an outstanding level of care to our growing community of nail polish consumers who purchase our products from all over the world including European destinations also such as: France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

What We Do

With a growing customer base and a nail polish community of consumers who are passionate about their polish, we always strive to provide the very best in the nail industry. We have a team dedicated to sourcing the latest innovative formulas and researching into new breakthrough products to ensure that your nail care needs are always catered for. Most importantly we believe that it is paramount that all of these fantastic, salon professional formulas are made accessible and affordable. This is why we promise to keep our prices extremely competitive and are able to bring you a new way to shop for nail polish online.


Our focus on family and community is based on how Nail Polish Direct™ was founded back in 2011. The website was originally launched by Harjit Singh Thaliwal at the age of 24 with the dream of creating a brand that would become a household name and to be the first and only choice for purchasing nail polish online. With hard work, determination and passion, Nail Polish Direct™ was born and Harj Thaliwal built his originally modest online store from scratch into a what is now a thriving company. He trained his team to share his goals and his remarkable work ethic which is what drives us continuously to improve and expand. The rapid growth of Nail Polish Direct™ was tribute to Harj’s dedication and the effort that he put into building relationships with his customers remains a key focus within our business ethos.

On the 6th of September 2014, the Nail Polish Direct™ family tragically lost Harj when he passed away in a car accident at the age of 27. The loss of Harj was an exceptionally difficult time for his family and his team and the fate of Nail Polish Direct™ was left in the hands of his family. Harj’s sister, Mamps Thaliwal fulfilled the role of CEO and their father, Bali Thaliwal resumed the role of Director. With a huge amount of strength and exceptional talent, Mamps and Bali Thaliwal made it their mission to accomplish every goal that Harj had set out to achieve. They have gone above and beyond for the future of Nail Polish Direct and in doing so, our company has gone from strength to strength. Now it is Harj’s family who are the driving force behind the success of Nail Polish Direct™ with Mamps and Bali at the forefront of our team as they ensure that Harj’s goals and dreams remain at the heart of Nail Polish Direct™.


We have an excellent team at Nail Polish Direct™ ranging from nail specialists, admin staff, buyers, creative designers, and department managers who are all equally passionate about their work and their roles within the company. Through years of progression, expansion and growth, we have been fortunate to establish and nurture a very talented team who dedicate their time to improving our level of performance. With Nail Polish Direct™ launching in 2011, we have grown our business to be the one of the very best in the beauty and nail care sector and we remain dedicated and focused on being the very best within our industry. This has made us the first choice nail website, with thousands of people ordering from us everyday.